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Whether the prayer treats?

At the beginning were the word...

The simple truth is confirmed by this short expression that at first there was a word, information, and then all the rest. The person is distinguished from animals by ability to speak, and the power of the word is long since used by mankind. When the Ancient Greek author of fables Aesop asked to call the finest and most disgusting things on light, the answer was one - language. Language we pronounce words of love and language we damn. Language we treat and language we cripple. But we will not be about bad. Today we will try to find out as well as why the word treats.

Davny - long ago when doctors were not yet, plot and a prayer were nearly the only remedies. By the way, and you did not reflect that the word doctor comes from the word to lie what, in turn, meant earlier to speak . Then the doctor is, first of all, the one who speaks. How many we know stories that the healer whispered something, and everything passed ? And even if the sorcerer tells nothing during treatment, such as, Alan Chumak (he also is the modern sorcerer), then before a session it nevertheless gives installation on treatment, and its silent passes serve only for strengthening of just pronounced words.

According to representatives of Church the most powerful means of healing and self-healing is the prayer. A prayer is what connects us good luck and with each other by hidden threads, this what we can help each other, even when nothing else not to help with forces. Cases of wonderful healing can be listed endlessly.

In what power of prayer? In sincerity and belief. The prayer has to be not just mechanically said. In it it has to be clearly expressed extremely that the person wants, he has to open to the Lord truthfully, from the heart. The relations of love for God should not have character of any transaction supposedly I to you, and you to me. But the person has to believe sincerely that the Lord will help him.

Belief - here the true propeller of healing. The belief that the person will recover helps an organism to be reconstructed, find in itself mighty reserve forces about which neither he, nor doctors suspected. By the way, the belief in healing by means of a prayer should not lead to refusal of the help of doctors at all. And doctors we are sent by the Lord.

What is felt by the person after a sincere prayer? His heart is full of love and affection, the awe fills it, to soul it becomes easy and joyful. This sense of relief, releases, merges to the Lord is called a catharsis.

Change of a condition of the person during a prayer is quite definitely recorded by modern devices. Staff of Psychoneurological scientific research institute of V. M. Bekhtereva electroencephalograms (EEG) of the praying pupils of Spiritual academy and seminary tried to write down. They were shocked what was found. Brain biorhythms during a prayer significantly changed, the brain began to radiate mainly the delta - rhythms with a frequency of 2 - 3 Hz.

Such state is inherent in the person only during a phase of a slow dream or to the baby about two months. Similar that the prayer exempts the person from any stresses gives the chance to an organism to be reconstructed in a new way, to mobilize itself. During a deep prayer pathological communications in a brain collapse that promotes recovery. It is interesting that upon termination of a prayer the rhythm of electric impulses of a brain right there comes back to usual an alpha (8 - 12 Hz) and a beta - to rhythms (13 - 30 Hz).

And here the American cardiologists undertook to disprove opinion on curative influence of a prayer. By means of 750 volunteers in hospitals and 12 groups praying in the different countries they, it seems, came to a conclusion that the prayer does not affect healing speed in any way.

And what they proved? Only the fact that experiment is incorrect. As the English bishop Thomas Wright, " commented on it; the prayer is not a coin which is lowered in the automatic machine. It is impossible just to lower a coin and to receive for it a chocolate .

Subconsciously we use beneficial power of a prayer long ago, even without being believers. We say prayers much more more often than we realize. Remember how often we speak thanks (i.e. rescue, God ) also we wish to good people: hello kind health on health good luck . We wish also to you the same.