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How to distinguish branded jeans from a substitute?

Having decided to buy jeans, you do not hurry to be enough the first comers. Better carefully to a peremeryayta several couples. And you will see that your work is not vain. The main thing that the suit sat... Take jeans slightly navyrost both up to a waist, and in length. They slightly will shrink after laundering and will be as poured. Besides, do not forget to verify authenticity of trousers carefully.

90% of the jeans market provide " firms; Levis Wrangler and Lee . But it at them . Our market is flooded with the Turkish, Chinese and domestic copies. And it is good if the goods arriving from the distant countries - firmovy that is fabric, threads, a cut - everything is similar present to jeans, and firm - the manufacturer really is responsible for quality. Worse - if it is a cheap fake from low-quality materials.

First of all, check accessories - buttons, rivets, lightnings . On them the company name and the designation YKK has to be beaten out (and any another). The accessories for branded jeans are done of metal, any plastic. The lightning has to be with two clamps, only on classical " jeans; Levis 501 a fastener on five buttons.

Your following course - check of seams. On jeans there should not be breaks and inhalings of threads, distortions, curve lines. Ideally rivets on jeans have to be in a cross hairs of seams, but on that it and an ideal that it is not always achievable even at branded jeans.

The label (label) has to be from skin, and is exactly stitched on perimeter (at fakes the label is often made of fabric or leatherette). Inscriptions on accessories and a label have to correspond each other.

On an internal label there has to be information on goods: a way of leaving, the size, a code from ten figures. Presents firms do not feel sorry for forces that the label looked adequately, they use quality polygraphy, unlike the x-copied fakes.

Classical denim of a dvukhtsvetn - from outer side it blue, with internal - almost white. However, the denim identical on both sides now appeared. And in general, the color scale of fabrics extended - there are black jeans and jeans of color of not bleached cloth, violet, pink and even orange. If you buy monophonic jeans, but not " acid washed jeans; pay attention to paint distribution: fabric has to be evenly painted.

Fabric can have an interlacing diagonal and fir-tree . Fabric in fir-tree it is less extended on a lap. On fabric there should not be inhalings and roughnesses. Turn jeans inside out and look at an external lateral seam. If on an edge of fabric the red thread is laid, so you acquired the original, but not the copy.

Fold jeans on seams if trouser-legs screw up the face, then you deal with handicraft work.

Each brand of jeans has the logo. It has to be stitched on pockets. At Lee it is the letters S turned horizontally and symbolizing bison horns. At Wrangler it is initial letters of a company name - W.

And, at last, price. It should not be too low. Everything that costs less than $10 - a cheap fake. " Firm; costs not less than $50, couture - from $200.

The joke in a subject

Jumps the cowboy Joe on prairies, suddenly the internal voice speaks to it:

- Bend down to the right. Joe`s

bent down, over an ear the arrow whistled.

- Bend down to the left. Joe`s

bent down, over an ear buzzed a tomahawk.

- Stop, get down from a horse and throw off jeans. Joe`s

obeyed, stopped, got down, threw off jeans and was hit a fraction charge in a bum.

Internal voice:

- Nothing, Joe, will begin to live. But jeans are whole.