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How quickly to learn to play the guitar?

Ah as pleasantly, sitting at a fire together with friends to take the tool in hand and to strum motive of a favourite song. At once there is a romanticism, warm-heartedness and inspiration.

But whether long it is necessary to study to manage to elicit from the tool the sounds pleasant for ears? If you register in music school and will learn musical notation, it will yield very good result, but here matter in another - in patience and in time. Whether there will be enough for you and the first and second? Very much I doubt that yes. Of course, it is possible to take several lessons from the familiar guitarist (if such is available), but it will be much more pleasant if you learn to play, own forces.

Therefore I offer you very good statement which will help you to acquire quickly a guitar and not only. Let`s say that you already have a guitar, and you are full of desire to learn to play on it.

So, for a start download or buy some collection with chords though, frankly speaking if to try to learn to play only on chords, then your game will be very poor. However, for support of warm-heartedness in the company will descend. Remember, the main thing that it was interesting to you. And for this purpose learn some simple song which is pleasant to you, and learn to play it well. Under the word well I mean that people who heard this song earlier will be able to recognize her.

If you feel surely with a guitar in hands, then I advise to download the program which is called Guitar Pro. Already there was a new, fifth version, but I prefer the fourth, whether it is really better, whether I just got used to it. Now you need only to pump up tab (these are such selections of songs: guitar strings are drawn, and on each string it is written on what harmony it should be clamped if several frets are written one under one, then it means that they should be played at the same time).

Besides, the program loses these songs that allows you to hear and feel them, thereby, facilitating you studying process. you can even play

together with this program that allows you to learn to hold rate of a melody, besides, it is possible to try to accompany together with it, and it has very funny look.

In addition, you can learn to play any other musical instrument because in this program - beginning their set from violins and finishing with DJ panels.

The main thing - not less than an hour is engaged every day, and the result will not keep itself waiting, but first you should have patience: for example, that fingers got used to strings, you need at least a week. But, to avoid the troubles connected with pressure of strings upon fingers you can reduce a stretch of strings. For this purpose just turn everyone it is caustic at least on a floor - a turn (it is possible even on whole), and every day on slightly - slightly increase a stretch of strings. Thanks to it your fingers will not be tired so quickly, and every day will become stronger and stronger.

would Also be good if you tried to improvise on a guitar, it very much develops hearing and helps to study the tool.

Good luck!