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Whether the cash card is necessary to you?

What is the cash card? It is a rectangular piece of plastic on which you can receive money or pay something. Is magnetic cards on which the strip of magnetic material with information on to what bank to address to charge the required sum off your account is put. It does not contain data on the sum which is on the account.

And there are still cash cards with the chip (chip) which is built in them. These cards are called smart cards. A smart the card stores in itself the ciphered information on the sum stored on it. We often use them for payment of telephone negotiations in the payphone.

Roughly speaking, the cash card is a savings book in electronic option. In our century of a continuous computerization by means of such card it is possible to receive money in the ATM, bank or to pay the bill in shop, restaurant, in the presence in them the settlement terminal, - practically worldwide.

Very convenient invention. In - the first, it is possible not to carry with itself the large sums of money, the risk of their plunder decreases. In - the second, it is not necessary to address to bank which, by the way, can be located rather far from you. Almost for certain the ATM will be closer as one bank controls the whole network of ATMs, and the last much more, than branches of the bank.

It is extremely convenient to withdraw money from the account even if you are in other city, and even abroad. By the way, in the latter case there are no restrictions for export of currency - on a card there can be any sum. At the same time on the means lying on a card, banks charge profit percent. Agree that it is more favorable, than to store houses cash.

We use this type of service a little so far, and abroad this commonplace. At a certain habit to use them it is so easy that abroad even special cards for children let out 11 years are more senior. On them it is impossible to receive cash, to buy cigarettes and alcohol, but it is possible to pay for sweets, toys and books.

It is hard to say how many in the world exists cash cards, by my calculations, not less than two billion. The salary, pension, a student`s grant or other means from the third parties can automatically be transferred into the card account. The account can be opened both in rubles, and in green to currency or euro.

And as it is convenient to transfer on them money to other cities! Let`s tell, your son issued a card in one city, and went to another. And you at any time can put money which he will withdraw into its account, being from you for thousands of kilometers. Or on the contrary. At the same time the payment which is removed by the ATM is significantly lower than a payment for a postal order or through the Western Union system. Moreover, by some types of cards it is possible to receive essential discounts when calculating in some shops and travel agencies.

You, of course, ask, but whether someone foreign can use your card?

Still as! According to world statistics, card swindlers earn up to two billion dollars a year. Statistically, losses make about 1% of money turnover on cards. Banks of the world make the mass of efforts that your money did not fall prey of malefactors. So it is much applied efforts to rob you.

Ways of plunders by means of the forged, stolen or deciphered cards weight, but it does not mean at all that it is necessary to refuse them. History of a fake of money contains thousands of years, however if who refuses use of money, then only in favor of cash cards.

A joke in a subject

In smart shop the girl addresses the seller:

- I would like to buy this fur coat.

- Please, madam. I have no

- But with myself money.

- Well also bring down from here.

- But I have a credit card!

the Seller, clapping itself a palm on a forehead:

- And again hello!