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How not to get on deception on the Internet?

On the world Internet the new type of fraud appeared.

Under the guise of a lottery to you the letter comes that you in absentia participated in a lottery, your e-mail address was chosen from several million similar addresses and, of course, you won. First you do not trust and think that it is deception or draw, but anyway, respond to this letter. And you never can tell? Suddenly indeed won?

You are filled up with any photocopies of the advantageous certificates which are written out on your name or an e-mail address, ask to fill some forms. And in general are interested as you want to receive your prize: the check, transfer into account in bank or just you want to arrive and take away the suitcase of money. It is natural that the last option is chosen by units. And you begin to think that you all the same lose nothing even if report number of the bank account even if there is nothing. Also you send a photocopy of your passport and bankbook or a plastic card.

Then there are series of tiresome paper affairs and written negotiations. Moreover, with you can even call and conduct negotiations thus. You already begin to think that all this is serious. And then send you an extract from the legislation to exclude a possibility of plunder of your prize fund, in the law there is point that under no circumstances nobody can take away from your prize-winning money cent. And that your interests in court were represented by the lawyer, it is necessary to pay it. In the principle there are many excuses that, for example, still it is necessary to pay journey of the courier to your country that it is impossible to make of your fund for the law besides. Therefore suggest to pay you 2 or 3 thousand dollars. You already look at it, doubting.

But right there to you the letter comes that time works against you and money can be gone. You are offered to pay only a half of this money or to pay them in parts. Many on it come across because with numerous letters (correspondence can take place and several weeks) the copy of the passport of the person who supervises you is sent, his some certificate, the certificate his name on the right to be engaged in the this case. All this, of course, fakes. Also you are given addresses of firms of representatives of organizers of a lottery, the address of banks, addresses of the websites. Even if you will check, then it can really turn out that such person both exists, and works in this bank. But that with you corresponds, he has no relation to that person. Or the unpretentious website for several days becomes. Really if you live in Australia, and the bank is in Nigeria, you will check existence of this bank even if you with own hand visited its site. Of course, no!

Money for services of the lawyer or courier can suggest to send you $100, and even for $20. That there was opportunity just to you to tell that you delayed payment a little, and the lawyer refused conducting your affairs. And to address other lawyer there is no time any more. Therefore you are warned in advance that at your inactive cooperation all prize fund can carry over the state. Naturally, the quicker you will send money to swindlers, the quicker they can cover up tracks and remain unpunished.

Even if you will not send to speculators cent, then swindlers all the same have an opportunity to earn a little money for you. As they already have a photocopy of your passport and bankbook or a plastic card, they can just register you on some paid website. For example, on the website the Internet - a casino. And registration on some such websites with the attached copies of the passport and a plastic card can cost from 20 dollars to 50.

So be careful, dear users of the World wide web!

But it does not exclude your chance to win in real the Internet - a lottery. Even if your chance one of hundred million!!!