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Coffee - drink or medicine?

Coffee drink is known for a long time, and the set of legends and stories which carry away us in the remote past of the ancient East and Africa testifies to it. In the numerous works devoted to coffee the legend of the shepherd, noticed unusual playfulness of goats who ate leaves and fruits of the bushes growing on a slope of mountains often meets. The shepherd shared the supervision with the prior of the local monastery who found out that broth from fruits and leaves of these bushes encourages. Then monks began to take this exciting drink to maintain long vigils.

Emergence of drink, fragrant, slightly bitterish on taste, in various sources is dated differently: from IX to 12th century AD. But there is also earlier mention of coffee relating to the first half of the 7th century AD is a legend in which it is said about how Angel Gabriel treated coffee broth of sick Muhammad.

It is supposed that originally coffee grains brought from the mountain district of Kaff (Ethiopia). On one of versions, this district gave the name to the trees bearing coffee fruits. Further from Africa coffee trees get to Yemen. According to some information, coffee was known as early as here in 875. And some researchers even consider that Yemen and is the coffee homeland from where its wandering all over the world began.

Coffee is enough - quickly becomes favourite and widespread drink at residents of the countries of the Middle East. And according to some researchers, coffee especially popular at this time was at philosophers and military, it gave to ancient thinkers of wisdom, and soldiers - force.

It is told about unusual properties of coffee also in a legend of the sheikh Omar, the doctor and the priest who lived the hermit in a cave: it is told about miracle broth from fruits of a coffee tree to which the sheikh treated the patients coming to it. The glory expatiated on wonderful broth across all Arabia. Omar was proclaimed the Saint, and in Mecca in his honor built the monastery.

And till 1000 the Arab doctor and the alchemist Razes in the compositions described medicinal properties of " drink; binchum - i.e. coffee. At that time in the east many took this drink as medicine as they considered that coffee accelerates thought, heart amuses, treats eye diseases, is excellent gout, dropsy medicine and a scurvy. Kava on - Arab means to be strong active to strengthen .

In spite of the fact that in many known legends and stories about coffee it is said that this drink was in the ancient time applied to treatment of various diseases, there are no exact data now whether coffee initially as drink or as medicine was applied. However wonderful properties of coffee fruits were noticed by scientists, doctors and culinary specialists thanks to whom we now also enjoy this remarkable drink.

And the fact that coffee can be in three appearances: in the form of fragrant drink, medicine and poison, - for certain, not all know. It would seem, the unexpected combination, but in it is not present anything unnatural as it is known that coffee influences our organism differently: most of people after a cup of coffee feel inflow of forces, improvement of mood, working capacity increase. It is also known that there are people who will feel ill at ease from one smell of coffee, and the small cup of this fragrant drink can cause concern, fear, a headache, increase of arterial pressure, sleeplessness At the same time, the people who are with pleasure sleeping after the use of coffee, too not such and a rarity. As for toxicity of coffee, it is incomparable with other toxic agents.

Grains of coffee contain many various substances, including ikofein which affects our organism, as a rule, excitingly. Therefore the cup of hot coffee drunk in the morning awakens from a dream, refreshes, increases working capacity.

According to doctors, coffee - one of the oldest and most pleasant remedies for headache. As the headache, especially migraines, are caused by expansion of vessels of a brain, having drunk a cup of coffee which effect leads to narrowing of vessels, we get rid of pain. But it is necessary to remember that caffeine satisfies not all types of headaches and not at all people. Besides caffeine has dual effect on an organism: in small doses tones up, and in big oppresses.

Therefore reaction of our organism to coffee can be various. In the book Practical magic doctor Papyus describes impact of coffee on our organism so: Coffee - the strongest exciting concerning action continuation. It has two properties. The first - in an hour after acceptance it affects a nervous texture of a stomach and with assistance of warmth facilitates digestion that mind makes the bigger number of nervous force available.

The second period of action begins through two or three hours after reception of coffee when it exerts impact on the sphere intellectual and duration of this action depends on amount of the drunk coffee. Influence of one cup of coffee lasts from one to two hours So at one o`clock in the afternoon mental action will be found in the drunk coffee by three o`clock and lasts till five o`clock.

Since this time, emptiness of a stomach works in turn excitingly. Mental work becomes easier, on condition of not really tedious tasks There is also a third action made by coffee on people nervous: after the end of exciting action, the melancholy appears Mental effect of coffee, generally, is reduced by

to strengthening of a susceptibility; therefore coffee serves studying magic means for development of an artistic susceptibility. Also it is really known that degree of an artistic impressionability depends on a nervous state, and we know that coffee excites it .

Exciting effect of coffee affects a healthy organism well, helps to fight fatigue. It is traditionally useful to drink a cup of strong drink before work, as well as after a lunch as it accelerates process of digestion and the food is better acquired by an organism. In the 18th century the outstanding Swedish scientist and the naturalist Karl Linney in one of the works so characterized properties of coffee:

This drink strengthens a belly, promotes a stomach in cooking of food, clears the got littered interior, warms a stomach . For the healthy person, without any deviations, the question, most likely, is not in drinking or to drink some coffee, and in that how many and when it can be drunk. As well as in everything - in the use of coffee the moderation is necessary. But everyone has to proceed from personal experience. For example, I. I. Mechnikov dealing with a problem of longevity in the works left record about the person who was drinking for many years up to 40 cups of coffee a day and lived at the same time till 114 years.

Absolutely differently coffee in case of any diseases works. For example, at diseases of vessels, a hypertension, atherosclerosis of coffee it is contraindicated. And the increase of acidity coming after reception of coffee imposes restriction for the use of this drink with the suffering gastritis, stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum.

It is known that the use of coffee without measure also does not lead to anything good. At abuse symptoms of poisoning with caffeine can appear: nervousness, headache, sleeplessness, the speeded-up breath that as a result can affect the health. In the 18th century in Europe (and coffee conquered Europe in the 17th century) the harm done by overconsumption of coffee of which women especially were fond was noticed. This circumstance not without humour was reflected in the verses by the Leipzig poet Christian Friedrich Henrizi (composing under a pseudonym Pikander). Subsequently on these verses And. - S. Bach wrote Coffee cantata .