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How use vozdushno - a bubbly film?

you Remember the fairy tale Bast shoe, Bubble and Straw ? The bubble is exposed in very adverse light there. Such fat idler. And it is vain. Air bubbles - hard workers. Spheres with hot air allowed mankind to rise to heaven, on hard tires we rush on highways, a mumpish leather bubble - the main hero of game of millions - soccer.

Having believed in power of bubbles, people invented vozdushno - a bubbly film. It is composition from, at least, two layers: the smooth polyethylene film and the same film formed by pimples. Welded together, they form a layer of the air bubbles of a given size connected among themselves.

Such film - an excellent packing material. Why excellent? Yes because surpasses others. Rigid boxes are heavy, take a lot of place, and net volume at them is limited. Paper, foam rubber are fragile, easily become wet, are flammable. Fabrics are expensive and are not deprived of shortcomings of paper and foam rubber. Smooth polymeric films do not protect from blows.

Well, and how with vozdushno - a bubbly film? And it, at all the simplicity, perfectly stores the products packed into it. Bubbles well work for compression, providing shock-absorbing properties of a sheeting, and sites of a smooth film in an interval between bubbles give necessary elasticity to material.

Most often pack electronic devices, fragile household appliances, lamps into a film, but, generally because in such cover these things come to us from - for borders. There long ago realized that without vozdushno - a bubbly film not to manage.

Carefully wrapped up vozdushno - a vesiculate film the ware, thin ceramics, antiquarian values, feel comfortably. It is necessary and for transportation of furniture of all types, especially such in which there is a glass.

Recently it began to be used even for packing of easily vulnerable overseas fruit and confectionery. The film is made of food polyethylene, so, it is safe for us.

But loss of all this it is possible to worry. It is much worse if from - for inadequate packings spoil drugs, ammunition detonates, dangerous bacteria escape outside. Then people perish.

We not always realize at once the requirements. Meanwhile, such film provides a particular advantage to the organizations seeking to raise the status of the goods. Looking with what assiduity the goods are packed, buyers involuntarily begin to appreciate it above. Try to offer for sale, say, a porcelain figurine in brown paper and in a graceful package from vozdushno - a vesiculate film. Also look that will buy earlier.

The air film as air, is necessary to firms - exporters. Many types of goods just will not pass at customs if not to pack them according to requirements of the importer.

Air bubbles are held by heat 120 times better, than a smooth film. Working in the range from-60 to +80 degrees, bubbly packing reliably protects contents from differences of temperatures.

If specially not to paint and not to metallize it, it is very transparent, even for ultraviolet rays. A transparent and heat-shielding bubbly film - an ideal covering for hotbeds and greenhouses. The special additive entered into polyethylene will transform a sunlight, eliminating radiation components, harmful to plants. So comfortable conditions for plants allow to double a harvest and to accelerate their maturing of cultures for 1 - 2 weeks.

The polyethylene film does not become wet, does not decay, is not subject to corrosion. On it neither bacteria, nor insects, nor rodents will be flattered. It does not smell, does not emit harmful substances, it is easy to utilize it.

If to throw a piece of a film in water, it will not drown, bubbles will hold it. Here an ideal covering for swimming pools: the film not only will prevent evaporation of water from a pool mirror, but also will keep heat of water if the pool temporarily is not used.

Try to apply vozdushno - a bubbly film for a hydra - and heat-shieldings of houses, saunas, industrial refrigerators, and you are convinced of its advantages. Moreover, it will protect your house from excessive noise.

The static electricity harmfully influences sensitive chips of the electronic devices packed into it. But if to enter an antistatic additive into a film, it will not allow it, will prevent accumulation of electric charges.

And it is not all advantages of a bubbly film. Besides, it is beautiful!