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You what caviar love?


Actually sturgeon roe not absolutely black. Caviar only of young fishes is black. Caviar of a beluga is considered the most valuable. It the largest (berries to 3,5 mm in the diameter), flavourless, gray, and sterlet - very small, too gray, but is more dark. Caviar of a starred sturgeon - here that really black. My familiar residents of Astrakhan prefer to eat this caviar, smearing it on a fresh cucumber. And a delicacy there - a cucumber. Caviar from sturgeons slightly considerably smells of fish, it brown, is dark - a bronze shade. Caviar of a starred sturgeon clearly gives iodine.

The caviar is lighter, the above it is appreciated. The best, imperial caviar of golden color is got from sturgeon fishes 60 years are more senior. The price of high-quality beluga caviar reaches 4000 US dollars for kilogram. And it is not a limit. " caviar; Almas - yellow " eggs; belugas - an albino, go at the price nearly 2000 dollars... no, not for kilogram, and for 100 g

" Fresh water; softens caviar therefore get it only in certain places in mouths of the rivers, and only in the certain time limited several weeks in the spring and in the fall. Caviar of the fish caught in the sea, still rigid, and at the fish who stayed too long in the river, a cover of berries not elastic.

Caviar - the most valuable part of fish in the food relation. It surpasses meat in caloric content. There are in it both proteins, and fats, and mineral salts. Here what in it is not present, so it carbohydrates. Diabetics, pay attention!

Especially there is a lot of in caviar of minerals - phosphorus, potassium and zinc. And vitamins B to it are in the form optimum for assimilation.

The latest researches showed that the fatty acids which are contained in caviar are an effective remedy for prevention warmly - vascular diseases. It is established that these substances are effective also for treatment of chronic infections, diabetes and some tumors.

Red? Caviar of salmons does not concede

black neither on the content of useful substances, nor on tastes, and in something and surpasses. Well, and the fact that it is cheaper black just because for the present it is more red fish, than fish of sturgeon breeds.

Red caviar often call whale though it is received from different salmons - a humpback salmon, chinooks, salmons, salmons, a silver salmon. Many consider that caviar of a Siberian salmon - the best to taste. Others give a palm to a humpback salmon. Of course, if that is correctly prepared. Caviar of the salmon and a silver salmon slightly tastes bitter that to us it is unusual, but in the Western European countries it is considered her advantage.

Color of caviar of salmons changes from brightly red to yantarno - orange. Ketovy caviar - orange with a red gleam. Caviar of a humpback salmon - light-orange color. At the salmon and a silver salmon caviar darkly - red color, sometimes non-uniform on a shade.

Unlike black caviar, red it is better for those, than more small its grain. But it is fair for caviar of one look. And at different fishes caviar can strongly differ by the grain size. At a humpback salmon and the salmon of grain do not exceed 4 mm, and at a Siberian salmon and the chinook is nearly twice more.

Grains have to be strong, elastic and uniform in the size and color. In caviar there should not be neither films, nor lopanets - the burst berries. If grains do not burst when pressing by language, and it is necessary to get to the core of them - that caviar became overripe long ago, to you it is not necessary to buy such. One more sign of overripe caviar - pale or even yellow berries. And if caviar too dark - means, it was taken from stale fish.

Or green?

Caviar of other fishes can be both pale, and yellow, and dark. Somehow I happened to try nototeniya caviar. It was noble color of an ivory. By the sizes of grains and taste it differed from sturgeon a little. At restaurants also yellow caviar of chastikovy fishes began to appear pink (a whitefish and a ryapushka, a pollock) (a pike, the bream, a pike perch, a vobla, a mullet). However, it is difficult to surprise us with caviar of chastikovy fishes, everyone can make it, having found in the fish bought in the market. But here caviar of flying fish of color of young greens - it is valid for us a wonder.

What you chose - bon appetit!