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What planning of lives began with?

in days of the first Soviet five-years periods planned not only production, but also lives of builders of new society, lowering the concrete plan for their shooting for each federal republic. The country was overflowed by a wave of deceptive credibility when oprichnina unsubstantially pursued on one suspicion, and the Soviet citizens frightened of repressions pretended that they trust charge, very remotely similar to the truth the bloody tyranny over the Soviet country Crept away with

, being covered with deception of fight for a celebration of business of ruling party. Stalin liked to compare himself to the tsar Ivan the Terrible. It had no pity to children " too; enemies of the people as well as at the descendant of Ryurik dynasty to seigniorial offsprings. It as Ivan the Terrible, before creation of oprichnina refused the power, and he was persuaded. It in the same way brought closer to itself(himself) retaliatory bodies to carry out mass executions and repressions that to sweep Russia and to gnaw likhodeev imperial ...

Only at Ivan the Terrible there went across Moscow oprichnina with the dog heads and brooms, and at great leader - on black funnels . The slander and lawlessness designated Ivan the Terrible`s tyranny, they will be faithful companions of the regime of Stalin - human passions are identical

Here the terrible tsar - " did not guess only planning of human lives; only pursued change...

The great number of tyrants knew mankind throughout the history, but only one great leader of all times and people could guess socialist planning of lives of the Soviet citizens, supporting the most reckless undertakings of the oprichnina.

In People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, with arrival on halfbent extremely executive kid Nikolay Ezhov, the researcher of methods of tortures of the Spanish inquisition, instead of the detached manager of foreign destinies, old Bolshevik Heinrich Grigoryevich Yagoda, human lives began to plan - a lump to go for execution and to whom under supervision to suffer. Andrey Yanuaryevich Vyshinsky prepared for leader of all people legal justification of massacre with special value of a role of coercion and recognition of the defendant.

The order for human lives which appeared since 1937 in bodies of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of federal republics became result. Shooting was controlled from the center, and commission of the unbridled murders was made according to to the directive on carrying out mass operations on withdrawal of anti-advisers . In managements of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs since July, 1937 death sentences signed three without presence of defendants. In these three local heads of retaliatory, party bodies and prosecutor`s office entered. Their courts borrowed from ten to fifteen minutes of time, and sentences, according to companion Stalin`s explanation, were final

For each federal republic the was appointed a limit about condemnation to execution - Ezhov, for example, in at one time established according to the chairman three Goglidze`s People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs the order - a limit for Georgia in 1500 of the Soviet citizens. Serviceable performers of will of the party dictator Ezhov and Vyshinsky could not plan human lives without approval most great leader of tyranny. Historically year mass withdrawal of anti-advisers and planning of lives coincided with time of terrible provocation of nazis concerning the Soviet generals.

Through centuries, from one social order in another, crawled bloody disrespect for others life. 14 - go July, 1889 - go years the mankind noted century from the date of storm of the Bastille and the beginning of Great French three-stage revolution with slogans of equality, a brotherhood, the justice which was thoughtlessly dealing shortly with dissidents, cutting with a guillotine of the head to both men, and women. The French people educated by Voltaire, Diderot, Russo, which dumped a monarchic absolutism showed the disgusting relation to human life, having physically destroyed at first the king Louis XVI and the queen Maria - Antoinette, and then destroying each other.

Five years the cart of death carried sentenced a guillotine knife: at first felyan, Girondists and, at last, Jacobeans with the leader Robespierre appeared in this vehicle in 1794 after Termidoriansky revolution too. The mankind went forward, replacing public formations, constantly using destruction of lives for consolidation of the power and intimidation, but Iosif Vissarionovich guessed these lives also do not forget to plan

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