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Why thawed snow and how it is correct to prepare it is necessary?

Streams murmur,

I thaws ice,

I heart thaws

Not for nothing these words gathered in one couplet. In the spring everything wakens, filled with vital energy. And reason for that not only sun and heat, but also water. But not simple, but thawed. Somehow before just hatched chickens two saucers - with usual water and with the same water but frozen and which thawed were put. Innocent chickens unconditionally chose thawed snow. We drink it and we.

As often in the spring we are ready to sing, dance and rejoice unjustly. And it when we especially lack vitamins! It is not excluded that thawed snow getting to our wells, artesian wells and water supply systems pushes us on puzzling love affairs. Thawed snow promotes rejuvenation of an organism, extension of life. Not for nothing long-livers live mainly in mountainous areas and, strangely enough, in Yakutia where thawed snow - though be filled in. And the Americans having a laudable habit to drink the cooled tea and other drinks with ice live, on average, longer us. Water works as a ginseng! It is good to use vivifying water not only for preparation of drinks, but also for washing. Very much refreshes and threshes face skin. It is a pity only, water cannot be heated, alas, its properties from it vanish.

In what business? Half a century it was revealed back that properties even year chemically pure at different times are various. Simple reaction of sedimentation proceeds with a different speed in March and in September. Scientists delivered not hundreds, not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of experiences for confirmation of it. And what became clear? It appears, water, simple water has difficult structure. Its molecules unite in beautiful openwork ensembles. In the winter when water freezes, it acquires special, ldopodobny structure which for a long time remains in thawed snow. More precisely, in fractions of a second collapses, and again it is recreated same as the structure of water possesses a certain information memory. It is possible to state a hypothesis, by the way, earlier not published anywhere. Water, possessing structural memory, it is damaged toxic substances which were dissolved in it earlier. This memory passes through any filters. And here when freezing water its harmful structure collapses, and water becomes harmless. Water gains similar properties, passing through powerful magnetic or electric fields. The structure of such water is similar to structure of water in protoplasm of blood and cages of an organism. This water also has the increased vital force. Over time the updated structure nevertheless collapses finally, and by fall the share of the structured part of water decreases.

And why to wait for spring to receive thawed snow? Everyone in the house has a refrigerator. Water should just be frozen and defrozen. But also there are secrets. If you want to receive not just thawed snow, but especially qualitative, purified water, it should be frozen in several stages. The matter is that, slowly stiffening, ice takes impurity only at the beginning and at the end of freezing. Therefore when receiving ice reject the first formed small pieces of ice, and then, after freezing of the main part of water, merge not frozen remains. The water received from such ice on purity is comparable from distilled. But the distilled water - dead. And this is live.