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What motivates people to act (strategy of motivation)?

Dear readers, a subject of motivation and incentive to actions it is interesting and captures imagination, even lying on a sofa.

is the simplest to deal with the strategy of motivation. Their set is limited, in the NLP are known, studied, but they somehow are poorly individually acquired. Also are outlined at us, according to the classic, in a picture disorder . Meticulous American scientists calculated

that the person, as a rule, uses the same set of internal strategy and at the choice of the menu at restaurant, and at the choice of the partner in life or a field of activity. And if it is necessary to you that, what in the menu is not present - here already other strategy of receiving the desirable, but motivation on the person.

Is good to study itself

1 strategy.

It is considered b illegally the elementary - AVOIDING of discomfortable situation. Are people who fall asleep with comfort in boxes from bananas, and there are also on what this strategy acts smoothly. It is very strong! There is something that you really, heartily do not want! And never you will be engaged in such work for money . And for what you will be?:-) I joke The strategy which is really working also consists in a magic beak of a fried rooster, incentive in its primitive etymology, in many respects untranslatable on conscious language. The same Martin Ideen (and the same Jack London) - children strong. From striking examples of the famous people I like statement of a question by the boy from a poor German Jewish ghetto - well-known Rothschild: Ever, ever neither I, nor my relatives, nor children of my children - will be poor boys from a ghetto! Told - made, I understand it If the heated plate very strongly podpekat - the incentive appears somehow naturally.

of Restriction of strategy. On restrictions I will especially stop as they artful matter Danger, especially developed, remarkable person, the person is very big - the leader, subconsciously to put itself and own firm (there it is especially shown), career, a family in intolerable conditions - as if to create objective prerequisites for quantum leaps. Adrenaline differently there is no place to take. It is well shown in long life cycles. Demands courage. But, as they say, only the diffident person counts on good luck and success .

2nd strategy.

It is considered b illegally ideal for NLP, familiar with technicians.

Is accurate a goal, tasks are clear - for work, companions! And Carrot is accurately designated! All purposes are painted in all known touch ochevidnost, a taymmenedzhment at height together with management of projects Yes will forgive me the adored NLP - er and Dostigateli, in an unhealthy share of scepticism in connection with such tasty strategy. Restriction this strategy - in restriction of a circle available to a review reason of opportunities, in rustle . Here it, lies nearby! You should not spend the planned five years for available No, it is necessary to reach a stubborn unicorn with persistent sequence what can become outdated even until acquisition. And the gooseberry can be sour, and raspberry sweet As speak: The Alcoholic is a person who precisely knows what he wants.

is still Here danger about which it is necessary to warn from the point of view of neurophysiology: we artificially put the hormonal and other filters which are not passing extremely important information. Also it turns out, as at my high-class familiar tennis player: and the state That, naprogrozirovanny, both noise of stands, and board shines with a next world almost that account, but here here, from nowhere, appear in the field of a butterfly Without tickets, in flocks - and the attention aimed at strict sequence of reactions reacts inadequately Or the Center there some well not absolutely such turned out at someone, or the profit - that went, but inertly and differently, and article, generally, it was possible to write better, and time somehow past quickly, and things are right where they started, and sables are not fashionable now at all Everyone happens in this stochastic Universe where its Majesty Sluchay, in the form of the same harmful synergetic butterfly, - here.

But is useful to dream! The main thing - is a lot of! With butterflies! Where they will get to from the submarine?

3rd strategy. External reference character (existence of an example)...

It is very important, very important to b to have Model. Acting, live. Even children - Mowgli after 5 years do not learn plainly to bipedalism and speaking - the model was not. If someone can - also I can! I on a course of fast reading have good article about the athlete Bannister who for the first time ran mile in 4 minutes in a year - already tens of people, then thousands And dissertations were defended - the human body cannot cope with such loadings, with justifications and researches. Our ancestors tested other, more evident provers, - let out after runners of hungry lions. Runners were not helped even by tigerish milk, lions were helped by types of motivation 1 and 2.

Any training (and at east schools it is almost exclusive) is under construction on this motivation. There would be no birds - there would be no planes Very inspiring strategy!

of Restriction of strategy. Innovations. Creativity. What was done yet by nobody. Bannister. Maya Plisetskaya in 80 years The spaceship in Tsiolkovsky`s dreams. Last Supper . Computer . to be continued

4 strategy. Principle. That Was! Many people act from the principle as it will seem to foolish many happy not owners of this strategy. It was interesting on one business - a seminar as one important businessman knocked a fist on other important and successful businessman: You will never convince me that made it only because some hour of time of a shower burned: as it, told that IT is impossible! That in reply also hotly proved that for this reason gave up already settled business and he went in pioneers - and here! Smog! Alexander of Macedon is too the great commander, but why chairs to break? Here it is difficult for us to understand each other - as well as everywhere, more deep values are mentioned. But very often (the same Ford`s example) something became from the principle . Even you should not press in global matters - fashionably to be engaged in physical development in expensively equipped halls, but not in the wood, - will be. As all! All so do! Nobody so does! It is not carried! Or on the contrary: And I here in own way! And I will not be as all! Of revolutionaries you should not touch the Huge heap of the limiting beliefs which we bear since the childhood even Always there was enough, as well as those that then sigh on ruins: And whom it disturbed?! And there were always People doing something of the noble principle. For example, a lot of things become and now owing to the principle of Development, the principle of Ecology. It as the love which is possible is not on sale are obvious to

of Restriction of strategy. Someone undertakes on poorly someone proves that it is valid all the same will not be able or all solve money And someone, as elite minority: quietly, slowly investigates types of motivation:-). here we smoothly pass

I to

5 taking strategy. State. the State - a neurophysiological brick. And not the new house is often necessary to us - and the State, not new work, not money - the State. What was necessary for the prince Andrey Bolkonsky to Austerlits? Glory and love human . What was necessary for Gauguin in the native jungle? And to the clerk - in stone? And to the intellectual - in intellectual? Interestingly this strategy adjoins to the first: a condition of creative dissatisfaction - just balm for activity of the person 1 - y strategy. Condition of Competence ( I am cool! I made it! Ouch - yes, Pushkin, ouch - yes son of a bitch! etc.) - pleasantly A condition of Comfort and Safety, the Solvency (the tautology turns out), and irrespective of a context: the country house on islands, accounts in banks, yachts, girls or their absence, books with own surname on the shelf or regiments with bottles in the form of books, your darling, the picture created by YOU - and it is even pleasant to YOU The song which you sang and all continue to be silent - sang for God The first-aid kit in the refrigerator (I meant not that! Addicts ask to see to it later) and attention of children to your health

of Restriction of strategy. By the way about addicts and any chemical dependences (psychological it is possible to carry owing to their conditionality prdpochitayemy hormonal matrixes here). It here to this strategy. And if you like the drive, night driving on the autobahn on a limit, an extreme - or full asthenic calm, Oblomovism Probably, it somehow motivates, stimulates all our personality gradually. It is interesting that most difficult dependence is the interest in studying of languages, was sincerely surprised to the fact that these people just cannot live differently! And to take scientists, writers, programmers, internetshchik? Graphomaniacs? Businessmen? And it is not a secret that withdrawal pains which maintain a body - and the radio hosts discharged of the air - the presents! In due time the tragedy of closing of ours 6 - go the channel showed it. And the actor who is dying on a scene, but not playing death? A state - it is serious and maloizucheno.

6th strategy. Motivation Future. Manilovism in the most extreme scales of expression, and and in the most positive To do something (or not to do that is more often), yet not Very beautiful pensive strategy. We are obliged to it also by the same aeronautics, not Chekhov quoted the first: Why people do not fly as birds? and many, many achievements One the fact that I type this text in most glyuchny the city on Neva (well such glitch, to it clever people all unanimously appeared at Peter the Great: both bogs supposedly and enemies, and resources and it there was he, thoughts great poln, and afar looked ) . Dostoyevsky called St. Petersburg the most deliberate city . Precisely. Stephen Hawking here now calls the public for preparation for migration on other planets And as rejoiced the first departed to space to Belka and Strelka In life there is not always a successful joining of strategy of motivation, planning and achievement. And sometimes everything comes to an end with a Chekhovian sour gooseberry But not always - St. Petersburg here stands:-). It appears, there was no more than a half of new fine cultivated flowers 100 years ago. Also there are a lot of dreams which hung centuries in mid-air: the garden city, Corbusier, here now the general dream - ecology It is good to aim lives,

of Restriction of strategy leaving far out of its limits . Danger to remain in a time machine of own production. Danger to underestimate beauty here and now the sounding moments: as in live music of a symphonic orchestra each step and a bend of a melody, saying goodbye to us, creates the live Symphony which is not ended yet, and it gives additional pleasure.

In end from the author. Practical application.

Pay attention to the desires and to incentives thanks to which you make the decision: to do something or to keep the principle du - Wei not acts. As a rule, is 1 - 3 leading strategy, one of which is critical and the " submachine gun; includes the others. What and in what sequence?

to me, for example, is important for a raising in the morning from a warm bed to imagine the picture as I, joyful and done much good or not during business negotiations, come back home with feeling of the fulfilled duty and the obtained information. To See the body on the street I am stimulated with a state Ms. - Volya . In passing there are stimulchik in the form of representation of coffee in a favourite point, a smell of chrysanthemums from a flower passage, a comfortable condition of loneliness in crowd, passing considering of any creative things. At the end I include heavy artillery - 1 - yu the strategy which besides is based on a state (i.e. 5) - intolerableness of sense of guilt if nevertheless I do not go. Here if sat next on a bed pleasant, grown wise experience of the NLP - er and it is consecutive, softly would develop before me such panorama I would reach many meetings which are earlier ignored  long ago;.

Following item. Do you have difficulties with perception any of the listed strategy of motivation? I.e. you will use it only in the most critical situation? In what? And it is even better if you in general do not believe in her, well, for example, to the garden city. Here also the resource is buried! If to stimulate itself on all strategy it is consecutive and qualitative, business will go. Where is the second question. Be attentive

to own formulations. For example, if 4th strategy From the Principle causes in you rigid rejection and you can hardly believe in its existence at other people - investigate: suddenly it at you such Principle?

Simply do experiment - really, in detail motivate yourself on activity, valuable for you. Experience not only inspires, but becomes conscious strategy of self-government.

And, at last, as it to apply in public . Answer: masterly. Now how to reach it. Practice, as classics spoke. It is not enough to investigate the relatives and distant. You also so spontaneously know that if to the husband in the middle of his negotiations in the CHAT to creep behind and to ask a question of prospects of improvement of your living space even from the point of view of expansion before it all 6 strategy of motivation (it from a practical work of presuppozition: Sense of communication - in reaction which we receive ). And for pronounced strategists you know too as well as what needs to be told: And here Pyotr Petrovich or to quote notebooks of Chekhov (they not in the list of best-sellers): Rocked to sleep your birdie or The magic of the ordinary gives in to training. Prepare proved on all 6 points, a speech, tsennostnooriyentirovanny on the listener, no more than for 5 - 7 minutes (apart from pauses for attentive listening of the interlocutor). The best form for training - a reasoning aloud with more skilled individual . Agree, even the child himself is more skilled in own preferences of expenditure of the sums from your purse or time. The main thing, that all paints, smells, sounds, idols (well and that that to us personally is not pleasant to Alsou? Not about us the speech?) the purposes, states, emotions, values - were from the customer`s material - and that they were pleasant to it, the family! And negative characters need to be looked for too in the same place - well what teenager you will frighten old-fashioned now: You will not study, you will go to sweep streets ?

the Same experiment - training should be carried out with the chief (the partner, the competitor, the spouse, the whole group) at discussion of a question, important for you. Preparation is obligatory in writing, we know about people more, than we guess, and mentality - the instrument of forecasting. At the same time it is possible to check itself and in this quality. Anyway, as that low-faithful old woman that asked to pass the mountain from the place, having opened eyes, it will be possible to tell: There now so I also knew!

I for a dessert. On all 6 positions we will adhere to the seventh: to remember about reasonable, kind, eternal - it motivates for 100%.