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How music influences the person?

All of us like to listen to music. Tastes and preferences, however, at all different: from Vladimir Prison to Beethoven. And you sometime asked yourself the question why I like to listen to music ? Range of answers is wide, beginning from primitive it is pleasant - it is not pleasant to awakes to a shower sets thinking . Actually everything is much deeper.

On the one hand, we will not exclude so-called human factor . All of us different and interest in the musical directions is also especially individual. However, such entertaining science as physics allows us to look at this question absolutely in other foreshortening. The human brain not really loves high-frequency sounds. These can explain such popularity of a pop-music. Sounds of its nizkochastotna (about 40 - 66 hertz). From here and addictions of people to club to music. Low frequencies which are used in this music do not strain, and even in some degree brainwash people. Some can object me and tell that club music burdens them and oppresses. I ask not to confuse human factor about which it was told above and the scientific facts.

You never reflected why so few people love classical music? Now you know. The high-frequency sounds used in Baroque style music have bigger wavelength, than our brain is capable to catch. Therefore some people feel discomfort at long listening classics . And meanwhile long ago it is known that it positively influences a human body. Yes, classical music has improving effect. France came to a conclusion that if to play to cows Mozart`s music, they milk more. In the USA during language lessons for immigrants played back Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi`s music. Assimilation of language considerably accelerated. In Japan in one of bakeries bread is baked under sounds of the Sixth symphony of Beethoven. Music sounds continuously, bread possesses exclusive taste. Well and absolutely it is cheerful - in Japan someone guessed to Saca (rice vodka) to drive under Mozart`s music. Quality to Saca considerably grew. Not bad and at us at alcoholic beverage plants to enter such practice. There is even such term - Mozart`s Effect (its music exerts positive impact on operability of a brain). Music of baroque leads to the fact that the theta - waves begins to generate a brain except synchronization of work of hemispheres so-called that leads to memory improvement, to concentration increase, the attention keeps on a studying subject much longer.

One more musical direction wants to be allocated separately. It is the jazz. In Soviet period it was hated. Even with Beatles could be reconciled, but not with the jazz. Even it was not told about rockers from a saxophone to a knife - one step (Soviet ideologist A. A. Zhdanov) and today he listens to the jazz, and tomorrow will sell the Homeland . Well, and Gorky with the the jazz - music thick . And why so hated? Because the jazz is played and listened by the people possessing huge degree of internal freedom. And to the Soviet Union it was to anything... The jazz - music of the creative, extraordinary persons able to think unconventionally, to combine, apparently, at first sight, incongruous things.

Finally I will tell that many people want to have good memory, to overcome banal laziness, to increase attentiveness and concentration. And so one of recipes - music. Listen to classics, the jazz. Constantly. It is not necessary to take seat specially in a chair and to imagine basten landscapes as sometimes advise the teacher at schools, giving rise thereby to permanent disgust for classics, and just make classics and the jazz a sound background of your life.

The result will come! In a month, two, three, but will surely come!