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How to endure a gap with darling?

And here you left. The person whom you did not dare to doubt which was always near without which life is already inconceivable - left. Heart into smithereens, the soul contracted in a lump. What now to do is farther how to find themselves in the new world without it?

Almost always the rage, offense happens the first reaction, the self-esteem is wounded. Some even begin to think of revenge. Forget about it. Let`s decide better how it is correct to leave the past in the past and to make a step towads to new happiness!

For a start properly cry and tell all who will only want to listen as everything occurred and as you feel now. The main thing to be uttered and to have a good cry much. After water procedure it is better to look at the cheerful comedy or to go on a visit to the friend - the talker with whom it is possible to laugh. Such tearfully - humorous therapy very well affects nervous system.

Put away everything that reminds you of unfortunate love in a box or a box. Time will come, and it surely will come soon, and you will be able easily to return soft elephants and plush hares on shelves, to carry the ear rings presented to them, to read with a smile of his congratulation in cards.

After that safely go to shop behind something new. It is absolutely optional as show sometimes in the TV, completely to change clothes or to recolour hair in brightly - green. It is rather simple to buy a nice jacket or toilet water which smell was pleasant long ago. Generally, dive into the attracting depths of egoism and take care only of the own life!

If the image of the past still does not allow to enjoy freedom, make the list of all shortcomings inherent in the former beloved. If it is impossible and you plunge into melancholy again - call girlfriends! They will precisely call a heap of small and its large defects about which they were afraid to tell earlier when around you cupids soared. Hang up the turned-out poster on a wall before a bed so that every time, filling up and waking up to see black list . As a result the consciousness will begin process otmatyvaniye your feelings from love to contempt, and after - to indifference. In a week you will cease to remember exclusively good moments in the relations with former. Memory will begin to extend scenes of quarrels, quarrels and long night disputes. You at last will cease to live past.

When feelings will not react to words from a song " any more; and again you have to crucify the love as on mockery, hurrah! you are free! Now came it is time to ring round old friends, to invite them at cinema, theater, to a skating rink, to the pool! Arrange walks outdoors, get a dog, a parrot. Put on disgusting pink " jacket; also turn in front of the mirror! Plunge into the world of communication, at you now chance to spend time as will like, but not as it would be desirable to beloved . Appreciate every moment freedoms!

And here you love life again, fall asleep with feeling of a pacification, smile to passersby, flirt with the lovely neighbour`s fellow and hours speak by phone with girlfriends. There are no more tears, the hysteric and hlopaniye doors. There is no more pain. you won against

and became stronger, you on the way to huge happiness and true love!