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Why dreams are necessary?

Likely, everyone asked itself(himself) this question at least once. Or even not once - when the next morning woke up with the head full of vague and persuasive images, voices, scraps of phrases. Or when in the middle of the night swelled up with the pulsing blood in temples and sweat drops on a forehead after a nightmare. Or when with unclear persistence came back in a dream to the unpleasant place or an unpleasant situation, like travel in public transport stark naked or in one undershirt without sleeves...

And at such moments this question occupies most of all: why they are, actually, necessary, these dreams, such painful, terrible, shameful or at least simply bringing headaches and bad mood for all next day?

The answer is simple. Dreams are the independent system of improvement of our mental state which is not depending on our wishes at all it is good to sleep or eat ton of vanilla ice cream in a dream. The purpose of this system - to balance our nerves, to make us more stress-resistant and strong.

Absurdly? Yes, at first sight it looks quite absurdly. The painful dreams doing us broken and tired next day, are specially intended for improvement?. Silly. But you should not hurry with conclusions. Not all obvious is correct.

The nervous system of the person, in my opinion, reminds a piece of clay or usual children`s plasticine. At someone it is softer and gives in to influence, at someone more - firmer and elastic. And dents and poles on its surface are the marks of world around left on nervous system. Any concerning events - not only bad and terrible, but also good and joyful are poles, a vmyatinka or a crack (can, someone among traces will have deep cuts and holes - at everyone the disorders and problems).

And so, the purpose of each system including nervous, is restoration . Constant aspiration to lack of deep holes and cracks. For example, you are afraid to be dishonored publicly. And what will be a big shame, than to appear in crowd without clothes? You sleep, enduring extreme humiliation and shame, and this most Independent System will put a tick on the list of your problems - so, this question is fulfilled for today.

You are afraid of height - and you will endure it again and again, in a dream until you adapt to endure this fear rather quietly and not defectively for an organism, without huge portions of adrenaline in blood and a thaw of sweat on temples. However, the phobia like this is treated quite difficult - therefore the lifelong course of dreams For Afraid of Height is provided to you. Like a course of tablets.

Why quite so? Why to endure the fears and unpleasant situations again and again? Because, worrying, you study . You study as it is correct to worry as it is correct to react how to work. So learn to drive the car, so learn to dance, so learn to play the piano. By long regular trainings.

However, it is absolutely optional to you to remember these trainings - change of a REM and slow sleep often deprives of us memories of what was seen. Agree, not all people remember the dreams, and even those who remember, can tell only the last of dreams. Though, according to researches of scientists, all have dreams people.

And these dreams absolutely unreliable unpleasant - everything that concerns you rather strongly, is subject to working off. Even the first kiss or an immense breast of the shop assistant from the next shop. The system strives for balance .

So can, having once again dreamed about the dark shadow which is stolen for you, or having found hundreds of wrinkles on the face, or thousands of cockroaches (spiders) under legs, you should not abuse the old man Morpheus, and it is better to remember the picture and more carefully to get accustomed to itself? The collection of such pictures can tell a lot of things about you. Use it.