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What did Maslenitsa mean to our ancestors?

of the Shower you washing, Maslenitsa,

Quail stones,

your Paper little body,

of Sakharnyya your lips,

your Sweet speech!

Come to me on a visit

On the wide yard

On the mountains to drive,

In pancakes to roll about,

Heart to amuse.
I do not know

how many people wait for Maslenitsa now, and earlier it was one of the main holidays in a year. Is long before emergence of Christianity earlier, and also in those former times when new year for Russians came with arrival of spring, awakening of the nature, the beginning of works on the earth - the wet nurse. And therefore Maslenitsa was an important holiday for people, a meeting of New year. By the way, to Christianity Maslenitsa was always celebrated at the same time. It is considered that in the ancient time Maslenitsa was connected with day of a spring solstice, and only with adoption of Christianity it began to precede the Lent and to depend on its terms.

Moreover, it was not just a holiday, and ceremonial action which needs to be made to live in harmony with the nature. If not to observe all ceremonies, suddenly year will be poor harvest? And it meant hunger and death for people. Therefore Maslenitsa, one of ceremonial holidays, - one of fights for life.

And this holiday was so important that even emergence of Christianity did not win against it though a holiday - pagan. However, many pagan holidays in new belief found only new clothes, but, in fact, remained the same. However, time and outlooks do the, and already seldom who understands an essence of all customs this day.

Maslenitsa - a fertility holiday. All games and entertainments are directed to kindling fire in souls of people, so, to make action - to help fire, heat to come to the earth. For this reason during the Maslenitsa everything that is connected with fertility was welcomed: games which, by the way, can seem to modern people not really decent newlyweds who needed to kiss at the people under jokes and eggings on, unmarried youth.

To, to an example, guys stole footwear and maids ran barefoot on snow. In some places the Effigy of Maslenitsa was done portly, with a big breast and a bottom. It was very important to guys to touch for a bottom Maslenitsa in days of festivities.

Maslenitsa - an updating holiday. On Maslenitsa it is necessary to say goodbye to all old. From soul to release offenses. To set fire to unusable things. It is one of cleaning holidays. Burning of an effigy of Maslenitsa meant release from old, a farewell to winter, cold weather and readiness in new life. Not incidentally an effigy at the beginning of festive week called as the beauty, and at the end abused her, said that she is a sloven, ugly, it is time to burn it

Probably, it is impossible to interpret all ceremonies and customs of this holiday in one article and it is not necessary. There is a wish that our modern culture did not darken and did not distort true value of our primordial holiday. Perhaps not incidentally ancient people in a row paid so many centuries huge attention to ceremonies. Perhaps it is worth recognizing them, to remember and revive that the sun shone brighter, the summer was fruitful, and holidays were hospitable