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What the small animal - a sandwort is?

Sometimes all of us want to get some pet. Someone loves dogs, someone cats, someone small fishes, popugaychik. And some to surprise others, settle some unprecedented animal in the house. No, not the Cheburashka, and something like a krokodilchik, a python or a huge lizard. However, business of everyone. Someone, by the way, will tell: and why in general specially to bring someone, animals so always are around: any front sights, mice and so on

By the way, about mice Krom of ordinary gray mice who are got without demand there are also mice special, for example, white. Except laboratory assistants children like to play with them. But the hero of my story - other mouse: sandwort.

In my childhood such mice were not, today they can be bought. Sandworts - surprising little small animals with a brush on a tail. The color of sandworts happens different: black, gray, yellowish, spotty. Generally, for every taste. By the way, sandworts belong to family of homyakoobrazny. But nevertheless are more similar on mice.

Cheerful, curious, very mobile are also easily on friendly terms with people. If the hamster needs to be accustomed to hands that he did not bite, then sandworts cannot bite people at all unless if they are hurt. Besides, from sandworts there is no smell at all. It is possible to clean their cage every two weeks, and in the room the smell of rodents will not be felt at all.

And still these mice have a surprising property. They are family small animals. Live in the wild nature the whole sort. If the mouse remained one, only in rare instances it will be ready to live near a sandwort from other family. More often they bite and fight.

In the families they are very careful. Clean each other, play. Sandworts - males take omnipotent part in education of offsprings. Under parental guardianship of a sandwort have to be not less than about one month. In two - three weeks a joy they already learn to eat firm food, survey the territory. Mother drags the little mice who ran away from a nest back by the scruff. Kids peep, demanding feeding. In the early childhood cubs of sandworts are not capable to watch independently purity of the body therefore parents regularly lick cubs, inconsiderately overturning them on a back. Sometimes they make the same procedure and with the grown-up cubs who do not need such leaving from the party of parents any more. The adult small animal overturns young on a back, and some time holds him in this situation, despite the protesting peep and attempts to break loose. During this period it is especially interesting to watch sandworts: as they learn to wash, dance attendance as the father takes part in their education, washes them.

Sandworts adore dancing attendance, examining vicinities. Also they like to run away from a cage and to bypass all room, and then and the apartment. These mice are not afraid to approach people, but at the same time do not like to be caught and run. These brisk and fast small animals cannot be held long in hand, to iron, squeeze and caress - they are too restless and mobile. By the way, sandworts are able to jump up very highly up. It is surprising and cheerful. Children always delighted with these mice.

However, mice terrify some people rather, than delight. However, I will not understand - why. But this business of everyone. In any, a case, a sandwort - a wonderful mouse which is capable to melt heart and to draw attention even of very serious person.