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What is the law of meanness?

We often say the phrase as under the law of meanness when something is impossible to us. But very few people know what the law is. I will try to you to tell about it a little. have some

from history.

the Law of Meanness - one of the most ancient laws which was open several millennia ago. Exact date of opening, however, as well as a name of the scientist who opened the law, did not reach up to now, having got lost in centuries.

There are several versions concerning when it occurred. Many of them are so absurd that they are just not mentioned (for example, some researchers hold the opinion that this law was opened for certain scientists - the competitor of great Newton who dropped to that apple on the head in hope to move away the competitor, and as a result rendered big service).

But most of researchers hold the opinion that the law was open much earlier, namely at the time of Achilles. It is easy to guess that led scientists to this conclusion. All of you perfectly remember history of the invincible young man whose weakness was a heel. Under the law of Meanness the arrow during fight pierced it to Achilles.

Opening of the law. this tragic event many also began to consider

as time of opening of the law. Scientists managed to find several scraps of a roll which by miracle remained up to now. In them they found a mention about the aged man with a goatee about the unusual theory of this aged man which frightened all population and a set of abuse and the damnations relating to an unfortunate opener.

The name of Podlez which, probably and belonged to the aged man was found in one of scraps. Its opening began to be called the law of Podlezi which was transformed to the law of Meanness subsequently.

So, about the law.

the Law of Meanness is the law establishing direct dependence between desire and unsuccessful combination of circumstances.

Podlez (we will call so an opener) removed a formula of dependence of result on desire and unsuccessful combination of circumstances.

we Will designate desire a letter Zh, unsuccessful combination of circumstances - N, and result - R.


P = (x K) / N
where K - the coefficient showing bad luck degree depending on mood. That is, the mood is better, the it is more than a coefficient K and consequently, the desire is more and the result is better.

Law coverage. the Law works with

everywhere, irrespective of climate, a relief and other factors. Action covers it both the spiritual, and material sphere of life of people.

The law works spontaneously. Especially often it is shown by

when the desire of the person to receive something suddenly increases, or approaches execution.

It is noticed that influence of the law on children is many times less, than on adults. It is connected with the fact that the person treats the problems more seriously with age. It often so loads itself(himself) that at it desires vanish or decrease and at the same time there is at a low level an emotional spirit that is an optimum condition for Meanness.

Despite extensiveness of influence of the law, its action it is shown not always, and often reduced to zero. The major role in it is played by a positive emotional spirit, and also belief in own forces.

Means to reach the desirable, it is necessary to believe in himself and to attract to itself a positive benevolent mood. But for many reasons of it often lacks the person. Then there are two exits: or to lighten itself mood and to fight against Meanness, or to wait a wave of own pessimism in order to avoid negative result.


One more not less well-known phrase laws exist in order that to violate them . If laws do not bring benefit.

Or if the law can be opened, then it for certain can and be closed (you remember, from where it?). So why don`t we make it? In total in your hands, dare! you do not agree

with me? You consider that not all and not always in your power? So can, it is simple to cease to dump the failures on Meanness, and to find more logical explanation for the events?

Besides can calm itself one more favourite phrase: Everything that becomes, to the best .

I wish you good luck and to face as seldom as possible Meanness!