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How organizers of exhibitions can deceive participants?

In August, 2006 - go Kharkiv flooded the beautiful posters convoking creative lyud to take active part in the forthcoming exhibition - sale of works of art. Creators of all colors could become participants of this commercial large-scale action under the name OPEN (opening - English).

We Inform you on the cultural large-scale project - an open exhibition of creative art - expressions of talents of people! - announcements and posters said.

- The organization of exhibitions - festivals with interior exhibiting in exhibition complexes in Kharkiv, the cities of Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe (Western Europe ah! - hundreds of creative prostachok admired, - there! To run! For the present accept!) .

- the Open exhibition advanced the Internet - a festival, opening of the operating galleries - cafe. Contacts and offers to the interested public organizations.

- Large-scale, public and target PR of the held events.

About Mavrodi we, of course heard Well, all of us came across vouchers. Thimbleriggers and other lokhovsky games saw too. Just you wonder imaginations of organizers of similar merrymakings. And their imagination everything is improved. Here and " exhibition; - the forgery was, probably, a fruit of the same figures. Further - it is more:

- Contact catalogs: printing and multimedia (ah, catalogs moreover contact, it to you not hukhra - mukhra And multimedia is what? How?! You do not know?! Well, so you are silent though, do not admit. Village!)

- Author`s positioning (and it as it? Authors in beautiful poses near the works, perhaps? But entices, entices There is a wish to believe that your pose, that is, I`m sorry, - positioning there very much will even look, hm - hm, ha - ha!). Direct sales of works (Money we will row with a shovel!), auctions (oh and all right, - it seems that everything will be sold out also without auctions. Well - at, thanks, well, spasibishche!)

- Clip representation of exhibits (what, and clips will be?! Wow! This bomb!)

- Active attraction of mass media... Organization of issue of the magazine (My God, what opportunities at you! About! Chu! It is close - hour of recognition! For what, for what to us this happiness?!)

You will do that you want now and to receive for it money. (Yes, yes, yes, we want - we want It as: You Want big and pure love? Come to a mow tonight! We want! Let`s come!!!) . And the people went, stretched. From the participants who wished to be exposed (pictures, a photo, books, embroideries), money was raised that confirmed gravity of this action. Some adventurousness and a sneer in intonations and views of secretaries appeared, of course, but As always, the people wanted to be trusted To trust in the next this lokhovstvo! Than it, as a result, also appeared!

Opening of an exhibition was transferred and transferred And the secretary mumbled in reply by phone by a tired monotonous voice that enough participants is not gathered yet, unfortunately; then explained that, here supposedly nobody wants to sponsor further was the cause that with the room did not solve " yet; Would be not present, to participants to demand passport data of organizers of an exhibition in exchange for, used by drawing up contracts would be not present in more detail to learn who such Grace I. V. - main organizer of an exhibition But people of art - the people constraining And suddenly, after long delays - as flash: You are invited to the presentation! Hurrah! Ice started, misters jurors!

Well how here not to remember in legendary Ostap Bender`s subject with his ability to part loshk Here and to the organizer of OPEN - too it would be possible to embody the practices in valuable work on to divorce where the thought would stand out: The main thing - play for time! Time cures all and successfully treats as flashes of creative delight, and the creative itch calms, and at the same time extinguishes and nullifies foolish questions. When, when? When the exhibition opens? When presentation? And you answer with Bender`s words: - Who such studebekker? This is your father - a studebekker?! Well, go, do not prevent to work!

And still " exhibition; opened. About! what the poverty was! Cold tents hung on walls and there were just on a floor exhibits, many of which were not even signed. Unfortunate several books of local poets, prose writers pritulitsya lonely to each other on the improvised narrow shelf. You boards, neither summaries, nor sales of works of participants. And where that colourful panorama " exhibition complex; that it was hypocritically developed in advertizing zamanushka ?

And here it would be desirable to remember the well-known, but the wrong words of Bulgakov: Never from anybody you ask anything. Will come and will give everything . For some reason these words are very popular in the people. Perhaps because people like to trust in miracles? And here from one source in another this empty truth is poured. Yes nobody will come and will give nothing! There has to be, first of all, the head on shoulders.

And newly appeared ostapa, meanwhile, open similar " exhibition complexes; also obtain under them the interest-free credits, and the international grants And, can be even will move in deputies Or perhaps will arrive also to you - to your city, the dear reader to collect now your creative lyud under the banners . And unless only units from deceived will draw some conclusions, and at them immunity after a train such here " will develop, at last; inoculations they will also understand already once and for all what to hope there is nobody - nobody will come, will give nothing and for you will make nothing.

And nobody will begin to advance your creativity in such here " exhibition complexes; on the Internet, anywhere, if you do not advance it. So I wish you, dear readers not to come across similar tempting " offers; and to be with moustaches ! Good luck to you in everything!