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What is a hungover syndrome?

I Had in youth an acquaintance who, having visited a sobering-up station, told that doctors found at it syndrome . Syndrome and all. Long I could not understand that for a syndrome such. The syndrome, as we know, is set of symptoms, and the symptom, in turn, is set of symptoms of an illness. That is, doctors found signs, but what at my acquaintance? Only much later I learned that it had a hungover syndrome.

Generally, the syndromes connected with intoxication, a dime a dozen, but we will stop only on two - postintoksikatsionny and abstinent as the most widespread.

If you have a postintoksikatsionny syndrome (the word - that what, on the hungover head and you will not utter), then it only means that you test the troubles connected with an alcoholic poisoning.

Much worse an abstinence syndrome which means that you had a thirst for alcohol which sometimes happens very difficult to overcome. The abstinence syndrome is connected with excess concentration of alcohol dehydrogenase in blood. Such clever word call the enzyme responsible for processing of alcohol in less harmful substances. Also it is accepted to call this state a hungover syndrome. It something is similar to withdrawal pains at drug addiction.

It is easy to distinguish the Postintoksikatsionny syndrome from abstinent. If at the first you drink a glass of vodka, to you it will become even worse. If the glass of vodka alleviates your suffering - that you have an abstinence syndrome. But do not rejoice that you found a simple solution. Emergence of such property of your organism demonstrates that at you alcoholism, and you on very dangerous way began to develop.

Respectively and solutions of your problems a little different. At a postintoksikatsionny syndrome special efforts for reduction of in an acceptable look can be not made. If you a watch 9 - 10 have a sleep, will bathe, will drink more tea and a sign the doubled dose of polyvitamins, then, most likely, all will pass. Opokhmel alcoholic drinks not only will not give relief, but also will lead to the accelerated emergence in you of an abstinence syndrome - you will become an alcoholic. And it is necessary to you?

The abstinence syndrome differs in a big variety, force and duration of feelings. In a mouth weakness, perspiration, lack of appetite, a bad dream, causeless feeling of alarm, interruptions of work of heart, a gallop of a blood pressure, a tremor (trembling of extremities), hallucinations are added to a headache and dryness.

The metabolism at the alcoholic is significantly changed. The organism does not manage to cope with neutralization of toxic products of disintegration of alcohol. Moreover, action of fermental systems which are urged to decompose these products becomes more active only after reception of a new dose of alcohol.

Suppression of a hungover syndrome more complex challenge, than overcoming of an easy alcoholic poisoning. If process did not go too far, perhaps, still it is possible to cope and by own efforts. But if appear galyunik only the narcologist competently can help. Be not afraid, the doctor violently will not send you anywhere, but saving recommendations give out can.

Yes the syndrome passes you!