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As I collect matches, or Sbycha of dreams of

1. Introduction. Ancient history: hunting and collecting. All in the childhood something collect

. In prehistoric times of my childhood, the little girl, for example, collected candy wrappers - candy wrappers. Separately collected " gold; that is candy color foil. Then it was the rarity (as well as candies, however). I remember, I had several rare copies " gold; colors of the sunset sky. Then presented me a chocolate hare - in general a rarity. I - that was delighted, thought - I will straighten accurately a wrapper from a foil, and there the hare - - will be beauty. And it turned out that in the straightened species of a hare carried in width moreover it had four ears. Generally, continuous disappointment and reflections about two - and three-dimensional projections.

Then I decided to give up this children`s occupation and to collect stamps. But my mammy in - the first was big originality of people, and in - was probably afraid of the second that purchase of collection brands those not really full years can financially undermine the family budget. And therefore she sniffed and told that to collect stamps - it is not original, all collect them, and it is better to collect something like that that nobody collects. For example, match labels. And that for this purpose even the name special is: stamps are collected by philatelists, and match labels - phillumenists.

It was not really clear - from where the name undertook if nobody brings together them, but there is nothing to do. I tried to collect, of course, labels, but matches of those times were decorated very odnobrazno and poorly: dim pictures in three paints on subjects of fire safety and instructions for use would not seduce with the street traffic light also the savage from the tribe of Moomba - yumbo. So and with it nothing left. Any comparison with bright stickers or inserts from chewing gum which were collected by my children when were small. Too there were collisions - bright chewing gum in 90 - e years already were, and money for them was not yet. But somehow all collected - for the child of what will not make, for example, it was possible to select these inserts. Never I found

so much money as during this period because usually not strongly I watch what rolls there. And here looked under legs - it appears, citizens lose to a fig of money and once even the passport (which we with children also carried to the address specified in a registration, and well made: the person was going to go by plane, and according to the passport on this occasion strongly grieved). Now again I do not look under legs: children grew up, do not ruminate, inserts do not collect, and money find in the ATM.

2. Main part. Constant dropping will wear away a stone.

But a collection of matches at me all - it was formed. However, imagined: I did not store matches, and kept only gentle memoirs. At first, when began to let out in large quantities for a hillock unpampered manufactured goods people dragged ottudova from hotels everyones matches, exotic for us, in beautiful glossy boxes, and even multi-colored, yellow, blue and red spichechka: it is necessary that is invented by these capitalists are lousy. But in my mental collection our samples, local are collected just the opposite, only.

For example: matches which do not die away . That is matches which do not light up - it is trivial, the Soviet matches never lit up through three on the fourth. The first two broke, and the third was as spoke in the people, badly obserenny (from the word " sulfur; do not think bad). Will hiss, will flash and will die, sometimes quite smelly. But here also the return option got to me. That is at first it is normal: struck, lit up, lit what it is necessary. Pomotal to extinguish. Did not go out. Ash pomotat. Did not go out. Pomotal is stronger, it seems went out. Threw in a ploshechka for sgorely matches - and it and there did not go out, and in five minutes all go on the house sniffing and especially nervous already and cry out somewhere at us burns, guard, the fire, plunder, a ryatuyta people kind . Generally, both fun and to the people advantage: educational fire alarm. It will not be found out yet that in a ploshechka for the fulfilled matches already a small group of black ashes and around a continuous smoke of the fatherland.

Then even more refined modification got: at the time of a chirkaniye at a match already lit up head flew away and with whistle it was carried away where - nibud in a corner. If in that corner you stored newspapers for hoznadobnost or rags dried, then business could end not with educational, but quite real fire alarm. If the shell dived for a plate - it was necessary only to hope that at you as accurate owners, have no well dried garbage there and everything will manage slight spiritual wounds for cockroaches.

But the widest flight of thought visited somehow the factory which was letting out big economic boxes size about the book. That is matches were normal there, just them was much. I such a box generally loved: it is difficult to thrust it into a pocket after a prikurivaniye and to carry away in a light distance therefore it always remains on the place at a plate. And so, some factory having probably been fond of a plan overfulfillment, hitting qualifying standards of GTO and singing of chorus, achieved absolutely fabulous result. Whether they mixed substances, and smeared terochka at a box that structure which it is necessary to obserivat matches, whether still that, but at a chirkaniye instead of fire of matches at it a box the SIDE lit up ! That is this terochka. Imagine: at you in hands huge boxes, full of matches, and it burns. Nervous were very dissatisfied, and some even tried to start it in a corner (see above about newspapers).

3. Conclusion. Sbycha dreams as natural process

Here and so some collect something good and fine, for example a netsuke, art pictures, overseas cactuses, or, at last, the modern bank notes which are in use. And only also remains to any impractical dreamers and gawks that to collect virtual pictures in virtual galleries and virtual matches. Though on the other hand, than more there was in the first half of life of dreams, subjects a high probability that in the second half some of them yes will come true in itself - whether as a result of persistent work, whether on the course of historical processes.

But now I for a plate have a fine zazhigalochka in the form of a huge match (very touching), and cockroaches left for good. Disappeared. And, speak, not only at me. Some even awful draw conclusions that supposedly the end of the world approaches - how many they, are remembered, poisoned and drove, ways cunning thought out, some balls, traps... yes all uselessly, and here they suddenly took and left, and years two as any tarakanchik. But I do not miss cockroaches. And we somehow got used to a doomsday, it at us constant. Because such here we mysterious people.