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Where we will do a waist?

Usually are anxious with this question girls and ladies. But whether there will be men " much; after 30 who could brag of an ideal structure of this part of a body. What only women did not undertake to achieve an ideal waist. The wasp waist is beauty ideal, but not many will agree with it. What would be a waist - it is good. But it is more pleasant to look at a waist without gusinichny effect .

I want to offer you several exercises for maintenance of the waist in a tone. These exercises are followed also by me.

The first that needs to be made is to reduce quantity of the eaten food. And it is easy to make it. It is necessary to define for itself norm. do not overeat

! you eat so much how many there is a wish actually, and at all not everything that lies on a plate (on a table or in the refrigerator).

The most effective way to make the waist already - not to eat after six. Maybe sounds it is banal, but works! For those who just wants to reduce the size of a stomach and waist, it is possible not to eat after 7. For the night it is desirable to drink 1% of kefir.

Actually it is not so difficult not to eat after 6. Just for quite long time we created a habit. We come home and at once we go on kitchen because we do not know, than still ourselves can be borrowed. Our stomach got used that in certain time it receives food and if he does not receive it begins to hum. All this is simple - naprosto a habit which works not in our advantage. At us barrels and the sticking-out tummy begin to appear.

Having come from work, it is possible to drink a cup of tea, I love green, with a honey spoon more. Perhaps the organism asks to drink, and we perceive it as hunger. And in a weekend, in one some day it is possible to arrange himself a holiday and to eat a cake piece.

The most junk and tasty food it is the best of all to leave everything for the morning. Because, in - the first, it serves as a certain recharge of an organism for all day, and, in - the second, it is possible that you will spend all calories which you will eat in the morning in a day. And it not so terribly bedt if you would eat the appetizing, crackling chicken, well or a chocolate for the night.

Not to eat after six, difficult perevy 1,5 - 2 weeks, and later there comes gradual accustoming, but, naturally, it is necessary to behave and not to rush on everything that got. In a week you will feel ease and will sleep as the baby. And the organism will tell you only thanks!

In - the second: On charging become!. Yes I understand that since morning of to force something to do - it is not easy. And who told what will be easy? And then I offer a small zaryadochka. Charging consists of several exercises:

1. Inclinations in the parties. Hands on a nape that allows to stretch well an oblique muscle of a stomach, for strengthening of loading it is possible to use weighting compounds. From 12 to 24 times in each party.

2. Standing, legs to place more widely than shoulders, a hand in the parties. To turn a trunk, being twisted as it is possible stronger in a waist. To carry out smoothly, from 12 to 24 times in each party.

3. Standing, heels together, hands on a nape before a breast. To execute circles from this situation the case on 6 times to the right and to the left, to repeat 4 - 6 times.

4. Nalona forward to a floor contact with hands, without bending knees. The press at the same time strains as it is possible stronger. From 12 to 24 repetitions on average speed.

On all this about 15 minutes, but after a charge of cheerfulness such will leave that, as they say, more than enough. I accustomed myself to morning exercises that now I cannot do without it. It for me instead of coffee, here is only more than advantage.

And if all of you decide on it, I wish you good luck and can be after a while you even fall in love with sport and buy the subscription in a gym.

Good luck!