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What can the telephone survey be dangerous by?

From time to time, picking up the phone of the rung-out phone, we hear standard words: Hello, you are welcomed by the company (its name follows). We conduct a telephone survey on a subject Whether you agree to answer our questions? If the phone is picked up by me, conversation happens short: Sorry, in any telephone questions I do not participate . And all. On further why I am not obliged to answer (or it is possible to answer classical nurseries just because it`s there ) .

Before New year us again made happy such call. This time the call was taken by the wife. As she answered the first question yes the simple psychological mechanism was started turning and began to gain steam. For the sake of interest I picked up the phone of the parallel device and began to listen. The young man tried to find out, than my wife is attracted by the range of goods in " system supermodels; Fityulechka (we will call them so), and than - in " system supermodels; Figulechka . Further inquiries went, what is the time on average the wife spends for purchases what types of goods need to be added to the range and so on. Somewhere through twenty the wife did not sustain minutes and told that she needs to leave (the first mistake; her answer looked as an apology). Calling told that in several days to it will call back. The wife told " again; yes (second mistake).

And it is valid, in couple of days voproshatel called again. Seeing as the wife turns into the rabbit hypnotized by a telephone boa, I did not sustain and interfered, having directly told that the wife just does not have determination to refuse further participation in their poll. And here - that from a tube of a poperl on me frank aggression! We talked not to you. Already began to work with your wife, and it is necessary to finish work . I answered it: Young man, you in the right mind? You speak so as if we are obliged to you by something . You demand where you have no right something at all to demand. Why we have to play it on your to rules? Forget this number do not call any more!

In several days we were called again also all in the same occasion. Now some maiden tried to admonish me, talking profusely about inadmissibility of incomplete poll . Apparently, they were trained also on such situations because she chattered very quickly. Words were Russians, but how offers were under construction, quite poor translation of some English-speaking management was felt. This " fountain; I blocked a counter question: You respect a personal freedom? If people say to you that they do not want to participate in your polls why you so persist further? Where your ethics of maintaining telephone surveys?

You think, on it their swoops stopped? I could not understand in any way, than such speed is caused, did not guess yet: so same kind of network marketing! Calling himself needs to earn reputation, to score points or points Perhaps, I acted not in the best way, but some barking dogs understand only a stick. I will not begin to disclose details; I will tell only that it was the frank bluff for my part. However I achieved desirable result: calls stopped.

My wife - not the shy lamb who is not able to stand for herself, but The classical illustration to the famous psychological rule turned out: Learn to tell is not present , otherwise you risk to get mixed up in troubles .

I can be objected: a pier, in other countries telephone surveys are conducted long ago, and people with pleasure participate in them. Let`s leave alone other countries. We deal with modern Russian reality, and in our country cases when during such here " are frequent; telephone surveys at people data absolutely of other character were in parallel got: for example, how many people in the apartment, it or not and so on is privatized. It is simple to imagine some granny who thawed from unexpected attention to her person and ready to lay out everything about the family.

I am going to frighten nobody, and I suggest to understand only. You do not see the one who calls you. So why you have to take this person the word? If someone calls you and will be presented authorized representative of the president (or the governor), you will believe? You will begin to answer questions? Most likely, no. Then why many with such ease agree to participate in telephone surveys? Let everyone will look for the answer for himself.

Well, and if to you really not all the same as supermarkets of the " networks will develop further; Fityulechka and Figulechka I offer several simple rules that not to make a blunder .

1. Ask calling distinctly to tell the name, a surname, then a company name, F. I. O. the senior manager and contact phone. Ask to wait also at the device while you descend behind paper and the handle. Be not surprised if after that silently hang up.

2. If calling calls to you cellular administration phone (not important, with long federal number or to straight lines city) is too an occasion to reflect. At the solid firms conducting marketologichesky researches have to be normal (that is wire) phones. Any excuses it seems It is difficult to find the Chief on the place - it is frivolous. Demand a name and phone of that from heads who can be found.

3. Having obtained these data, ask at calling its number phone and tell that specify at the administration whether such survey is really conducted, and then call back. If here halts begin, innocent tone ask why it surprised your interlocutor.

4. Be not too lazy to glance in Yellow " pages; or other phonebook. The solid firm spares no expense for information on itself in similar editions.

If everything was an honest truth, mentally send far away such sceptics as I, and participate on health in the conducted surveys. And let by means of unselfish knights - marketing specialists life in your city will become even more convenient!