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What is ergonomic furniture?

U you a problem with sight, headaches, are found violations oporno - motive system, an illness of vessels and still bouquet other sores?

Know, your furniture is guilty of all this! In a human body there is no system which would not suffer from inconvenient furniture or its wrong arrangement.


A few years ago in Germany conducted extensive researches on studying of frequency and types of pains in a back. As investigated chose patients of orthopedic offices of hospitals, with already available back problems. It became clear that not only the physical activity and age changes in a skeleton and muscles are the main reason for pains (earlier these factors were considered as the main), and unhealthy conditions lives.

Scientists referred deficiency of physical activity, the wrong poses, stresses, an unhealthy way of life and improper feeding, long sitting to these conditions at office and in the car, and also the furniture which is not conforming to ergonomic standards.

In other words, all that became long ago a norm of our everyday life is the additional factors causing back pains. And if with deficiency of physical activity, improper feeding and stresses everything is clear, what to understand as the furniture which is not conforming to ergonomic standards?


In the modern economic dictionary the word ergonomics (from Greek. ergon - work and nomos - the law) has such value - it is the science studying behavior of the person, the movement of bodies of his body during performance of work with the purpose of creation of the conditions on a workplace providing convenience and comfort, increasing productivity, reducing energy expenses.

If human language, then is a science about comfort which knows answers to questions: what size there has to be a bed? what height chair? how it is correct to organize space? It is necessary to organize it with the minimum expense of the area that is reached at the expense of the built-in clothes, rooms under ladders and there is a lot of another.


Proceeding from it that the main goal of ergonomics consists in ensuring efficiency, safety and comfort of working process, is quite explainable that office furniture became one of the main objects of studying of ergonomics. It is furniture has to create such working conditions which promote decrease in fatigue of the person and preservation of its health.

Look attentively at the workplace. Whether your furniture meets the main requirements of ergonomics - it with smooth corners, the correct dimensions, strong and easy to use? Besides, it is made of environmentally friendly materials and competently located in an interior of office? Is not present? Or you did not think of it yet? And it, appears, not trifles. So, the American doctors claim that the staff of offices sitting at uncomfortable desktops the whole day moreover and the accepting wrong static poses without frequent short breaks, becomes the first candidates for problems with a back in the future.

To avoid prospect of replenishment of their ranks, experts recommend to use the mobile furniture located by the principle in total near at hand : when regiments, necessary for daily work, curbstones, cases are at arm`s length. It allows to exclude unnecessary expenses of energy and to direct all forces to performance of the direct duties.

It is proved that thanks to observance of norms of ergonomics about 30% of working hours are saved to


I all - even if you got ergonomic mobile furniture, nevertheless it is better superfluous just once be not too lazy, and arrange yourself a three-minute break.

Get up from a workplace, with pleasure stretch (and if there is nobody nearby, it is possible and to yawn), make couple of elementary movements of charging - turn the head, sit down, warm up hands yes everything that it is necessary for soul if only it caused in you positive emotions.

Scientific is proved that use on a workplace of ergonomic furniture with regular physical exercises stimulates work of blood system in a complex. Such stimulation promotes enrichment of fabrics oxygen and nutrients - it is necessary for effective work of a brain and good health.

Are not lazy - love yourself!