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How to make joyful every day, or I am a beautiful woman!

Hello, beauties! Yes, today I address all to women, and men it is only allowed to spy.

For certain noticed that when you in good mood, everything is got on and turns out - easily and easy. And when the mood changes, as if the whole world is incited against you, and nothing else, apparently, just remains except how to long and be sorry about the years passing by.

What can draw from this a conclusion? I believe that any person on the earth aspires fortunately and does not want to suffer from anguish. So let`s be happy especially as keys fortunately are in ours (and in any others!) hands.

Scientists noticed such interrelation for a long time: when to you it is good, you smile (interdependence of internal state and external expression). And now we will turn a formula (it too is prompted by the most serious scientists) and we will receive - smile when to you it is bad, and your organism will not be slow to adapt and execute your order - to head for joyful mood! Let`s try to apply this principle in everything!

As to make every day joyful? Day begins with morning. So, you wake up...

First of all after awakening - smile! Also tell yourself - today surely there will be something remarkable! It became interesting? And from where this remarkable will appear? Oho, I see you already so vigorously you get down from a bed, adjusted for pleasant day and you go...

... to a mirror! You approach, you peer into the sleepy pretty face and again you smile - what I am beautiful! Even if reflection in a mirror contradicts beauty standard imposed by the TV, all the same you - beautiful! Because you - it you and how it is possible to treat himself, the dearest person on the earth, differently as with admiration?! You carry out by palms up to a breast, on a stomach, on hips - yes do not hesitate! This your body, and it is able to smile too!

Remember that the beginning day bears new. Exactly TODAY the most considerable event of your life can take place. TODAY you can meet the Beloved for whom so long waited, TODAY you can conclude the bargain for thousands of dollars, TODAY you can receive... everything that only wished!

Who looks for, that will always find. So look for happiness THIS day, without postponing it for the uncertain future. Because all our life is concluded only in the present: the past, with all his experiences already passed, and the future with its possible troubles did not come yet.

Feel in each moment of life. Here you go down the street. Around - such different houses, different faces of people. If peer into tree bark in park, then carry out on it palm. When you drink a coffee cup, stop the rushing thoughts and enjoy warm aroma, feel silence and tranquility   inside; - even if around noise and din. And from there, from internal silence, the feeling of happiness and pleasure will begin to arise. Let people in crowd will consider you as the madwoman because you suddenly will take and will smile - one among gloomy crowd. And it will be manifestation of your identity.

And still - I will open for you a small secret. If you want to wake up since morning in good mood, remind yourself of it since evening. You get your mood on the necessary harmony the same as you set an alarm clock at the necessary o`clock.

Perhaps, at once it will also not turn out. But nobody right after the birth took a brush in hand and wrote ingenious cloths! Try time, two, once more (when remember!), make again and again. The habit is so developed. And that can be better than a habit of good mood!