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What is a liposuction, or a liposkulptura? Already all know

about such thing as liposuction this term at all very famous, but not all understand what procedure for what and to whom it is necessary is.

Let`s understand

What is a liposuction and why it is necessary?

the Liposuction is the surgical procedure directed to removal of local fatty deposits by means of vacuum. Term liposuction contains two roots: lipo - fat and suction - suction.

There are several types of a liposuction: ultrasonic (ultrasonic hypodermic crushing of fat), elektrolipolizny (also non-invasive dissolution of fat by means of electric current) and surgical (by means of vacuum). We will also talk about the last.

Now this procedure enjoys wide popularity both among women, and among men since. with its help it is possible quickly and bezdit to remove fatty deposits practically in any area of a body! Most often women delete excess fat from internal and external part of hips (the zone riding breeches ) stomach, area of knee joints and shins. Men prefer to get rid of fat on an internal and external surface of shoulders, a stomach, area of cheeks, a chin etc. of

As preparation for operation is carried out?

the Liposuction is the most real operation which is performed under the general anesthesia therefore the surgeon will surely appoint to you to pass laboratory analyses (urine, blood, the cardiogram, existence of an allergy to antibiotics and an anesthesia), for inspection of your somatic status.

One more analysis is the test for a skin sokratimost over area of a liposuction. If the sokratimost is insufficient, skin can just lay down pleated. It, as a rule, at patients is more senior than 40 years.

Should remember that the liposuction is not a method of weight loss, but a way to improve contours of your body.

After all tests are made and the positive result, the surgeon is received, in position of the patient standing, carefully marks areas on skin where operation will be executed. Thus, it plans where cuts will be made, having them in natural folds that subsequently hems were not visible. During a marking the surgeon estimates amount of fatty tissue which will be removed in each area. Removal no more than 500 ml of fat from each zone, a world record - 19 liters for all operation is considered optimum.

How there takes place operation? Operation begins

with introduction to the patient of an anesthesia and its intubation. Further, the surgeon enters into a zone where operation, the special solution diluting fat will be performed. Then the puncture 2 - 4 cm long is made, through it the tube with lateral openings is entered into a body. The tube is connected with the car creating negative pressure in 1,5 - 3 atmospheres. In order to avoid a liposuction zone surface bugristost after operation, the surgeon destroys only the center of fat, superficial and the deepest remain untouched. Forward - back the surgeon destroys by the movements of a tube fatty cages, and their remains together with fat are involved in lateral openings of a tube and get to car capacity.

After completion of operation on punctures seams are imposed, and put on special compression linen which will need to be carried for 3 - 5 weeks after operation the zones which underwent operation, it will weaken development of severe hypostasis and will promote reduction of skin.

What period of rehabilitation?

the Time spent of the patient in a hospital - from 2 to 4 - x days. Seams are removed approximately on 7 - 10 - e days after operation, but cyanosis of zones of a liposuction remains ranging from 4 - x to 6 - ti weeks. Hypostasis can be observed within five months. In certain cases there can be a loss of sensitivity of skin which completely takes place in process of a hypostasis descent.

Bulk of patients come back to the usual schedule of life in 5 - 6 days after operation, but it is natural that the period of rehabilitation depends on massiveness of a liposuction and age of the patient.

Whether the truth that after a liposuction fatty deposits in places of this operation will not grow again?

Correctly carried out liposuction is single procedure. On the place of remote fatty tissue there will never be new deposits of fat, it will disappear forever, it is the fact. It is worth remembering that after procedure, it is necessary to keep to a strict diet, otherwise at hazardous absorption of fats and carbohydrates fat can appear in the most places which are not intended for this purpose, on elbows, for example. It looks disgustingly, itself saw.

What complications after a liposuction are possible?

the Most unpleasant complication of esthetic character which can happen after a liposuction is a bugristost of an integument (a pole, a hollow etc.). Also it can be observed: a giperesteziya (the increased painful sensitivity) in the field of operation - 2,6%; Seram (a congestion of fabric liquid) - 1,6%; hypostasis - 1,4%; pigmentation - 1%; a chronic pain syndrome - 1%; a postoperative hematoma - 0,8%; the septic phenomena - 0,6%; a necrosis of an operational zone - 0,2%.

After a liposuction, in case of the lowered elasticity of skin or if the patient has obesity, skin can droop.

Such complications seldom meet at a liposuction of the top third of an external surface of a hip ( riding breeches ) but often accompany a liposuction of an internal surface of a hip. Then it is necessary to resort to surgical pulling up of skin, from - for what long hems in the field of inguinal folds are formed.

Similar problems are connected with a liposuction of a stomach and chin. To avoid possible disappointments, it is necessary to discuss probability of the subsequent surgical corrections with the doctor.

the Most frequent complications when carrying out an ultrasonic liposuction are burns, Seram, a skin necrosis, hyperpegmentation.

The optimum result of operation it is possible to call that which will provide balance between esthetic result and safety conditions of the patient (i.e. a minimum or absence of negative effects). And though this procedure attracts with simplicity and, rather small, risk, nevertheless, this surgery, and it is necessary to resort to it only as a last resort when all methods are tested.