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How to disaccustom the child to a pacifier?

It is no secret that at babies the sosatelny reflex is strongly developed. Having hardly been born, children immediately put fingers in a mouth, especially often the preference is given to a thumb. Still, it such convenient and tasty! Often this habit remains at the child for a long time. To disaccustom to they are thought up a pacifier, now invent how to disaccustom to a pacifier.

It was simpler earlier - mother smeared with something tasteless and the child throws out her. Now proved that so it is impossible - an additional stress. Each hysterics is a big stress which lays down a huge scar on bodies: pancreas, thyroid gland etc. Protect the kid, do not allow stressful situations try to distract him game, 100% help, I on the experience tested, only whims began, I took toys at once and did something ridiculous, the child switches at once and begins to play, now it is 6 years old, quiet as the tank, I cannot even tell when she cried last time. Health to you, and will throw a pacifier itself and you will not notice as.

My one friends on the street presented the pacifier to the kid in a carriage. The child himself presented (mother instigated). And others sosochny raised a tree. Put in a pot and watered every day. On a question where a pacifier, said to the kid that he put it.

Suffer a little, we will well water it and the tree on which will be much - many pacifiers " will grow soon;.

To accelerate process of disaccustoming from a pacifier, psychologists recommend the following:

1. If the child at first learned to drink from a cup (seven - eight months), he also should give food in a cup that the small bottle was quicker forgotten.

2. It is impossible to give to the child a pacifier at all (if he only persistently does not demand it).

3. It is important also that the child could satisfy the requirement to manipulate objects, developing fingers. It always has to have near at hand toys that, being engaged in them, he distracted from a pacifier.

All ways that here are described, good for ordinary children, but yours - special!

Treat it with understanding! Do not injure, but if solved, then do not recede. The doctor will tell: Clean, and all then try To Bai - Bai also clean a pacifier, but - FOREVER, and any more not dig out and not take away from kids . So you break the authority in the opinion of the child and then it will be difficult to you to explain him something.