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As show humanity ?

To Live easily blindly, understanding all on the contrary .

Besides, annually in Great Britain especially for the scientific purposes is grown up and killed 400000 animals whose parts of bodies are also used when carrying out experiments. The quantity of these animals is not included into government statistics. About 64% of experiments were made without anesthesia, 13% were carried out with use of animals with the changed genes. The greatest number of experiences (501 thousand times) was carried out in development of drugs. 1300 experiments were made at tests of new cosmetics (in 1996 - 1935 experiences). In a word, if to pass from dead language of statistics to normal language - mice, rats, rabbits, cats (whom, by the way, inhabitants of Foggy Albion so with affection adore), dogs, sheep, pigs and other dumb animals prudish British heated, burned down, cut alive (on - scientific - subjected vivisections), implanted chips and electrodes in a brain, did them lethal injections, deprived of food, drink and a dream and made many other things (what INQUISITIVE human mind will only not think up).

Never before in the history of nice mankind people, these wreaths of the Universe, invented so many the most sophisticated ways of God`s tortures of creatures and did not cause them very much the most severe and often vain sufferings as today: stupid and ruthless shooting of stray dogs and cats, painful experiences for the sake of science, beauty and health, keeping of fur animals in the tiny dirtied cages and smelly fur farms.

Often we just do not think of what is purposefully hidden from our eyes. Or we do not want to reflect. For example, for production of one fur coat kill from 9 to 250 fur animals who, as a rule, contain from several weeks to several months in awful conditions. Hundreds of thousands of minks, sables, polar foxes, ermines, foxes, nutrias, rabbits, chinchillas which of skins they sew then fur coats, a coat and collars for proud and intellectually narrow beauties are annually destroyed in the most barbarous and brutal ways, many of which never thought of what is actually put on them.

In the 21st century of animals still catch traps which inflict on them intolerable suffering. A fate of others - tiny cages on fur farms. In several months after the birth of fur animals kill with a jolt of electricity or poison with poisonous gas.

Tens of millions of animals annually perish in laboratories in awful tortures, many months and even years later, having lost organs of vision, hearing, sense of smell, parts of a body, with the tripled, semi-broken up liver, the interiors which are falling out outside, covered with the bleeding ulcers and tumors - all for the sake of science and our full thoughtless wellbeing. Test cosmetics, detergents, medicines for them.

For example, at approbation of new mascara, I do to a rabbit an ink injection in an eyeball. If an eye inflames and the animal grows blind - means, means which does a look of our lovely ladies so expressive, insufficiently safe. Ink is modified and again pricked in an eye to a rabbit. Eyes of a rabbit, so to speak, for eyes of great ladies. Animals are also used in educational and scientifically - research experiences, often absolutely useless from the point of view of science.

Pigs, hens and other farm animals and birds are supported in tiny cages and boxes in which they cannot freely be developed (for example very few people know that a pig very clean and freedom-loving animal. Dirty and lazy this wet nurse was made by homo sapiens, having limited space of stay of an animal and having ceased to move away him). Therefore many animals do not live even up to the slaughter moment, others perish during wearisome transportations on the slaughters deprived of food and drink. Slaughter is often made with insufficient devocalization or without it.

Still millions of dogs and cats perish on streets of the cities for hunger, cold and diseases. Many of them were that is called with tears are thrown out by the humane owners, normal men and women, because did not equal their high hopes because in life there are a lot of other, more important problems, than a sick or old dog, or a cat who actually was a kitty.

On October 4 I caught the telecast about smuggling by live goods (no, this time not women - this problem all is already well-known, it is actively discussed both in European Parliament, and at us), and Amazonian parrots, Madagascar lemurs, the Central Asian turtles and even the Himalaya bears - all for the sake of our trite conceit. Most likely, transfer was dated for Day of protection of animals though passed quickly and imperceptibly, and I did not hear any other mention of Day of protection of animals any more (still, there was hardly enough evening on some 8 - 10 commercial breaks with thin - pretonky laying Diskrit supernutritious bars Snickers and in public favourite " drink; Baltic . And still were Ice dance ) . The announcer told what statistically nine of ten animals perishes on the way, without having sustained tortures as they are pushed into tubes on several pieces, ram in close cages where they choke or perish from dehydration and hunger, pin strong narcotic preparations and, nevertheless, despite losses, this business pays off in hundreds of times and is comparable to drug traffic. Food for reflections, isn`t that so? But, we have no time, we, hurried to see Ice dance - to us had no time for parrots.

We not always realize how we treat animals as we treat them. They are living things, God`s creatures. I would tell that people so treat animals because they very seldom ask the question and what we do . All this from limitation of thinking, from black ignorance and total, become already pathological norm, an egocentrism. If we think of how the person treats animals as he beats fauna, then we would tell that it at all not the person, any of living beings does not inflict such suffering on others.

Only think of all these slaughters and production of beef or cultivation of poultry where animals contain in awful conditions. It`s not true much because people are cruel, how many because they just do not think of it. To them lack of time. When the final product appears before them on a plate, they do not think, than it was earlier and as turned into what they see. Remember Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy who refused meat and never touched it after visited a slaughter and saw in what barbarous way there is an animal face as it has a presentiment of the death as it rushes about for fear of inevitable death and cries as the person. While in the world there are slaughters - wars are inevitable. Highly conscious person will not begin to kill animals and it is cruel to treat him - the author " said; War and peace . Is what to think of.

I do not want to be neither the bore, nor especially the preacher - occupation this ungrateful, and I do not even call for general vegetarianism, everyone let solves itself, I ask to think only of what occurs around us, from our indifferent consent and lazy connivance, to think that we, sometimes, do not know that we create. Humanity in translation from Latin humanity and not only in relation to the brothers on reason, physiology, language and culture, but also to dumb animals, to those whom we tamed, and for whom all of us in the answer.