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How to choose clothes?

would be desirable to lead the speech Now about clothes as her many women have always not enough. If there is no opportunity to buy elite things of expensive brands, and to shop - your hobby, you for certain go on markets or available shops. In similar institutions a large number necessary and unnecessary is easily got, and sometimes subsequently it is necessary to regret for deeds bitterly. Why it turns out so what the case is filled with things chock-full, and there is nothing to put on well? The problem is in what we are not able to choose, to be exact to select clothes.

So, first of all still houses be defined that from clothes you by all means need to update or what in it is not enough. It is necessary even to write down it where - nibud in a visible place, for example, on a palm. It is necessary to constrain an internal rush to buy a new bag which, in fact, is not necessary instead of a skirt. Periodically glance in crib also admonish yourself that the fifth trousers of orange color to you to anything.

I advise to measure much and long. To spit that all sellers were tired of you and do not look faithfully in eyes. Yes, you did not save up for microscopic sandals haute couture and now sit not in elite shop. But it does not mean that the seller does a favor, serving you. Look and try on various options, even the most improbable, but do not forget to look at a palm!

Having put on the next bagatelle, imagine how these clothes will look with other things of your clothes. And it is even better to take with itself in shopping several variegated scarfs suitable on color already bought ensembles and suits. Putting to different places (depending on what you measure now) these scarfs or scarfs, you will be able to imagine better a combination of a new thing with old.

Do not wear out a new rag to holes! Change things more often, every day putting on something else. Disgust for a new thing can appear, and then you will precisely be disappointed in it in a week. Be new, different, bright, but do not go too far. Even if things not superexpensive, people around can have an opinion that you are turned on clothes and nothing else interests you.

You do not hurry to tear off labels from clothes. If all of you did not keep also gained five pieces of t-shirts, and houses, having tried on, understood that made a fatal mistake, a thing with a label, in - the first, are obliged to accept back in shop. In - the second if strongly there is no wish to come back, a jacket can be sold, well, to try at least. Eventually, clothes will always be to whom to present, and it will be more pleasant to person to receive as a gift a thing with the proof that it new, that is with a label.

And in general, I advise as - nibud to ache a company thing that it was necessary to raise money and to dream of HOW buy it. You will test satisfaction from purchase, and will think next time whether it is worth buying four clothes, available at the price, or to invest money in the standing goods which will bring with guarantee joy.