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What we know of Stockholm? Excursion. Part II

there Came morning and we, well rested and vigorous, with new forces go again to travel around beautiful places of Stockholm. We will begin today`s walk with the largest, well-known zoo - Skansen. It is the huge park with a great number of the animals who are freely walking across the territories allocated for them. People watch animals from a height. Here we see brown bears, two wolves stretching on a lawn, and there, in the distance, are lazy gloomy look at us. Except wild animals, in Skansen there are also house. Here parents with small children come to look at chickens, nanny-goats and other living creatures, to feed them and to stroke.

Except animals, in Skansen there are perfectly equipped playgrounds, and also a big scene on which traditional Swedish holidays are annually celebrated, singers sing, various musical collectives act. Usually at such festivals there is also a king with the family.

And how watching the movie at the biggest movie theater of the world? It`s cool! We go to the well-known movie theater - Cosmonova. Here, in the foyer, very often there take place various exhibitions at which it is possible to look prior to the beginning of the movie. Before viewing of the movie we are handed special stereo glasses for special effects. Chairs in the hall semi-lying, and the screen are a huge dome at us over the heads. Movies are shown in Swedish. At additional expense it is possible to order earphones for listening of the movie in English. The movie lasts on average only 40 minutes. It is not the feature film, and more likely documentary. Only in Cosmonova you can have extraordinary feeling of flight and freedom. During viewing of the movie with special effects you can quickly and sharply fall down, to fly up up, stones, arrows and when they already at the person, more impressionable audience in horror blinks fly to you. The movie ended, and the viewer leaves the hall delighted with the received feelings.

Now we follow in Gr ö na Lund - the amusement park, various lotteries and competitions. This pleasure not from cheap. At first it is necessary to pay the entrance ticket, and then to pay separately for each attraction. From some of them in veins blood, for example from Sp ö just freezes; ket huset - haunted houses. I recommend it to fans of horror films. Indoors the gloom reigns, only violet illumination on a floor shows where to go. Suddenly light in a wall to the right of you lights up and the terrible figure which fights in an agony on an electric chair appears at your look and unnaturally shouts. Having passed further, you suddenly see how under your legs the floor which was glass under which you with horror see the terrible monster who tries to get up from a coffin is suddenly lit. A bigger horror is directed by actors, disguised as different evil spirits. They appear it is unknown from where and slightly touch you behind by a hand. At the same time the most impressionable people shout for horror.

Whether you like to fly? And to fall from height? Yes? Then especially for you I recommend an attraction of Free Fall Power Tower - a tower of a free fall. This unit, 80 meters high, is equipped from all four parties with rows of seats, on 4 in everyone. Persons interested to push luck sit down in chairs where to them iron fastenings then people slowly rise by the top fall by shoulders.

What remarkable panorama opens to our look here! From here all Stockholm is visible, clearly. But, unfortunately, it is necessary to admire this panormamy only several seconds. We are photographed by the chamber placed there, and we sharply fly down. When flying arises feeling that a body already somewhere below, and the head still continues to fly. But this attraction is suitable not for all but only for people with strong nerves and good health. Below you can acquire the pictures taken at the height of 80 meters from the earth.

In general, it is necessary to tell that the majority of attractions here for thrill-seekers, but if you all - want something more quietly, then I can offer a chain roundabout where you ride around over water the chairs which are hanging down on chains; or a love tunnel where you should float in small boats in an environment of the beautiful romantic atmosphere. Around you there is nobody, and between boats considerable distance, and not for nothing. There, in the depth of a labyrinth, inspired by a romantic situation, couples in love kiss.

Here so, imperceptibly, also there passed the second day of our fascinating excursion, and came it is time to come back home. We very much liked Stockholm and again here to return, we throw into coin water. The airport declared landing, and we amicably come into the plane. Weather is fine, in the sky not of a uniform cloudlet, the last chance from above to admire beauty of Stockholm is provided to us. The city slowly departures from our look, gloomy islands, and then an infinite blue smooth surface appear again. In an hour we will already be at home. And with admiration we will tell the family about the delights of Stockholm seen by us within two days and to support the stories with tremendous photos.