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Whether communication via ICQ is safe?

the Aunt Asya, to be exact the program with the name ICQ (it is read the same as I seek you - I look for you ) thought up four Israeli programmers in far 1996. Two years later Americe - On - Line bought the rights for it for 400 million dollars.

For today the number of users of a network is estimated in millions, the set of alternatives to the standard client and the network appeared too. However to popularity of ICQ to them it is still far.

But several important questions are connected with a small green flower in a tray.

In - the first as any means of communication, ICQ bears potential threat to the companies. Who knows, the unknown interlocutor patiently can finds out trade secrets of firm, setting nothing the questions meaning at first sight. Therefore in many serious companies ICQ is outlawed, and its work is blocked.

In - the second, ICQ is subject to spam too - to advertizing mailings. Suddenly arisen contact importunately suggests to visit the site or to buy gasoline at low price; as a rule, in personal data of contact nothing is filled.

In - the third, UIN it is possible to lose if the bad person (some call him the hacker) has enough patience to select the password or to find access to your mailbox. Why to it it is necessary - a question another. Number was pleasant, you were not pleasant, there was a wish to practise

At last, the most important. Its use can be unsafe. It is possible to begin with a simple example when the standard client hung up the computer if received the message from a set of smilies. In new versions similar errors are corrected, but works on search of new openings (some call them bugs) are conducted constantly.

And viruses. Nobody sent you messages of type yet: Do not take in head to authorize contact such - that, otherwise it will erase all information ? Of course, it becomes terrible. All information collected honest efforts much and mostly - necessary. What to do, where to run?

1. Whenever possible refuse the standard client. Over this ICQ it is most of all carried out experiences, and with its growing opportunities and various additions the probability of new mistakes is added. To replacement are offered &RQ, Trillian, Miranda, Qip.

2. You do not go according to references and do not download the offered files from unfamiliar contacts. Just recently to me suggested to hurry to download the new QIP version, and the reference conducted on the free file exchange server. Who knows what animal waits the victim there?

3. Of course, it should be taken out in the beginning of councils. Use a firewall (Agnitum Outpost, Tiny Personal, Zone Alarm, AtGuard) and/or the anti-virus program - the monitor (AVP, Panda, Dr. Web and so on) with regularly updated bases. Kaspersky`s antivirus of the sixth version, by the way, tries to combine both functions.

4. Hide your IP ( Direct connections only with the authorized users ) .

5. Check data of contacts before authorization. Needlessly do not update ICQ - the client and his separate plug-ins.

6. There is no absolute protection, especially if you despise anti-virus programs and sometimes start unchecked files or the person with bad thoughts has an access to your computer.

And one more indicative moment. Once you can receive the message (from familiar people) that the website of children`s home should be helped with promotion. It was required to distribute the received message to ten acquaintances and to visit once the website.

For the first time it seemed to me strange, especially about a blue flower. Later, having received this message the second time, I decided to look for something on the Internet about this action. Found that attendance of the website grew to 20000 unique visitors a day that to my measures very much and very much.

A was then this.

News of Children`s home Vidnoye. 15. 1. 2007

Dear friends!

on ICQ and e-mail happens Recently mass mailing of messages to the statement that ... Unicef signed the contract with ICQ - Corporation. Sending this message to at least 10 users from your list (including me), will bring Unicef 5 Euro in the stock Children in need . As remuneration, your ICQ - a flower will become blue. IN ADVANCE MANY THANKS...)

This message is not true, administration of Children`s home of the city of Vidnoye and administration of the website www. detdom - vidnoe. ru has no relation to it.

Any amounts are not transferred. The children`s home of the city of Vidnoye is not a participant of the action of UNICEF Children in need . to

However we are grateful to you for attention and desire to help.

yours faithfully,

Administration of the website

www. detdom - vidnoe. ru

Strange we are people. We deceive ourselves that we do good when it is almost possible to us. Ten times to copy and send at random, to make double click on the reference Whether correctly it is good deeds with virus technologies?

Perhaps, it is worth it to discuss with acquaintances in ICQ!