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What bad is in cookery?

Who the best cooks are men or oh and from what you took? ? You saw how much now meat? And what you can add to the list below?

Washing of ware. As it would be healthy

, having used a plate of the smoking borsch with a pepper, sour cream and crackers on the first, to sentence on the second a juicy pork cutlet with friable rice, doing small breaks on tart young wine, and then to cajole a stomach hot tea and pancakes with shokoladno - a dzhemovy surprise What am I telling? Yes, it would be exciting to prescribe for a final dessert to a sofa massage by own back that everything eaten got acquainted in a quiet situation and together did good to the got tired organism.

And here - a dirty pan, a fat frying pan, cups, plates, forks and an other kitchen trifle. As if the regiment of soldiers has amicably dinner, synchronously put spoons aside, rose from - for a table and a close formation left to serve further. The Cinderella, be kind to bring everything into an appropriate look, not that your pumpkin cried.

Exit? To distract itself the composition of detective plots as it was done by Agatha Christie. Or to dream of the dishwasher.

Pony around.

was Enticed into the accounts department where the victim got paid not compatible to life. Trembling with desire, reduced a salary on the market and in shops. And with surprise found out that price tags, labor savings and preferences of a stomach create unsoluble contradictions.

During multi-day negotiations and reciprocal concessions of saving change the owner, and new lodgers settle in the refrigerator and on shelves of cases. Also it is cut, fried, welded, broth pleases with transparency, meat cheerfully sizzles finally, the smell of a fresh cucumber dements. Everything will be eaten and drunk, all floors of puff salad and pulp of overseas fruit - everything will sink into a chasm. And for the next day it will be necessary to think out a dinner again, and in three weeks again the mentality will be traumatized, and negotiations, both to cook and to cut and to clean these never-ending tons of potato.


Artful companion. From - for it it is spilled much more female tears, than from - for the bastard Suteneyro that in series Love, change and shoes of the thirty seventh " size; misleads the main character, spectators and sometimes the screenwriter. It is necessary to cut onions, here that I will tell. Let tears well up, - down with pity. Unless try to moisten a knife in cold water.

And here when the share will have bitter to grind horse-radish for sharp defensive snack of the " type; Spark onions tears will be remembered with a sad half-smile. Try to wrap, of course, the meat grinder in cellophane, but will be most true to look for a chemical protection suit among acquaintances. Spark Always there was a wish to learn what merry fellow thought up a diminutive suffix here.

Plot on a knife tip.

That it is " salt pinch;? I have a companion with such pinches that can quite replace the excavator; it is good what he does not prepare, truly? And weak " fire;? For a gas ring these conspirators defined several states: strong fire, average, normally weak, very weak, with a rassekatel, check, it is switched precisely off? . And my ring gives such a heat that in the second minute homeless Afro-citizens run together to be heated and sing a rap.

And this explain to me: it is obligatory to try because salt can be unsalted. To admit, once I bought ground black pepper which I used daily week or more. Then I was visited by thought, even not thought, but a delicate hint on some discrepancy. When it happened to me to have dinner in cafe, their pepper was felt at first, up to the end and even subsequently. Movable by curiosity, I tasted pepper house. To tell the truth, I do not know what was in a bag. Perhaps the cleaner of what mashed from a floor, maybe, Buratino`s remains.

Flavoring additives.

If concerned a subject of seasonings and chemistry in life in general, here it is necessary to be indignant still. Parallelepipedny cubes, fragrances (flavoring hallucinations), sweeteners - thickeners - fixers - forgive, parents. Where pure product? If earlier sausage could be read (you remember, paper does not blush?) now it not that absolutely vegetarian product, but on searches of meat it is possible to equip expedition sometimes. M - m - m, tasty, as Orbits - " sausage;.

Still gene experiments. You Glodat a chicken leg and you think, and suddenly the Belarusian Father to spite of Bush modified a potato tuber and restricts from the market.

Strictly according to the recipe.

Or: you will clean three hundred twenty grams of potato, you will measure two hundred milliliters of water, exactly ten minutes with a stop watch at a pan, bang - taste at borsch absolutely another today. Neighbors because the window leaf was not closed are guilty.

And names - that for " salads; Asinine glade or The Goat in a kitchen garden ? It is necessary to give attention to brands and trademarks more.

Total. to

It is clear that the cookery cannot be constrained by a strict framework and measures, the flight of fancy and a part of soul is necessary here. It is impossible to write a faultless grant for training in driving the bicycle, all the same it is necessary to pass to practice. It is necessary and well up few times that the science for the future went.

And it is healthy when it is possible joking to complain of life, having earned the half an hour of lying from a sofa.