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How to be prepared for cultural shock in America?

Concept cultural shock does not enter the Fundamentals of Health and Safety program. Being picked the electric socket, we are ready to what can hit us with current. And at lessons Fundamentals of Health and Safety learn how to give help in such cases. And who will warn the desperate traveler who decided to include North America, or USA in the list of the overseas voyages? I will afford from the point of view of the Russian provincial having three-months experience of residence in the American province (the city of Albuquerque, the state New - Meksiko) to make several cautions that travel was less traumatic for your mentality.

1. Around you all speak English! But at the same time yours classical Oxford not really understand. And it seems to you that the lexicon of wons at that policeman customs considerably exceeds 12000 words of your dictionary, and he tries to lay in unit of time as much as possible words! We will be mobilized if address us: to wait for the help not from where, and it is necessary to answer. Met on a language course the concept English and American " language;? Here also feel a difference.

2. America - one-storeyed! It was noticed still by our traveling classics Ilf and Petrov, and since then it not strongly grew up. What is shown in news about a nu - York stock exchange and other Bryusov of uillis - is called the business center of the city, but there people work. And live in the basic in one-storeyed certain houses. Look narrowly at production of Hollywood with vital subject - the housing (as well as all other, in general) authentically reflects reality, without scenery.

3. To go for a week possessing normal internal clocks, it does not make any sense because day you will pass four to local time - it is necessary to change day with a night. As our organism opposes to they are can fully estimate those who had to work in a night shift. Whether you will be able to use productively the informative spirit in full at this time? And whether this time trouble caused unflattering reviews of our travelers of this interesting country?

4. The food is the biggest test, especially for people with gastrointestinal tract problems. Its abundance in any shop in itself bores, but also concepts about well-known to us products at us and at them different. Butter or " sour cream; without " fat; milk which does not turn sour in curdled milk and is not present some bread in our understanding at all. And at the same time - it is tasteless!

Of course, the system fast - foot is developed, and it is possible to compare quality of the Ryazan McDonald`s with American, but not all this will be taken out without prejudice to health. Therefore or try to find familiar to you on domestic shops products (the benefit advertizing to us in teeth stuck also in direct and figuratively), or eat at restaurants. But only you remember that problems with digestion - not the best extreme on travel.

5. The prices in department stores can be compared to ours (though to most of compatriots everything is it is necessary to develop skills of the oral account for converting and comparison with our minimum wage rate). In epicures the price about a nice chop demands the bigger tension of mind because to transfer dollars for pound to rubles for kilogram not to each doctor of mathematical sciences in power.

6. Pounds undertake from their metric system which considerably differs from the international system of SI and which application Americans put credit as a carelessness sign on all standard norms (though for it and him sometimes gives the mass of an inconvenience).

liquid gallon (water, gasoline, milk) = 3,75 l

pound = 0,454 kg

yard = 0,91 m

mile = 1609,344 m

degree Fahrenheit = the 5 / 9 degree Celsius and 0 C =32 F

Therefore at restriction of speed 90 you can go on the kilometer speedometer of all 140 km/h. Buying 1 meter of fabric on a short skirt, be convinced that it is 100 cm, but not 91. The gallon volume of your gasoline tank will be 3,75 times less than liter. Ice on pools and 32 degrees on the thermometer does not demand immediate replacement of the last or its unplanned checking.

7. In department of outer garments in department store decide in advance on the sizes necessary to you because the woman of pleasant forms of ours 50 - go the size there pulls only on 13. Though to skilled shopaholics at present Russian boutiques it can be already and it is not a new experience.

8. The American supermarkets can enter into a stupor of the unprepared buyer. In principle - there is EVERYTHING. But not everywhere. Therefore if you need to buy something certain, by the concrete order, specify possible variations on the place. For example, order sneakers on flypapers two times it was specified: color? Drawing? What are made of? What sole? It is possible to find necessary, but expenses of time and gasoline will be inadequate to purchase cost. Everywhere the practiced discounts for purchase of several copies same force to exceed initial plans considerably. And if dozen of socks or pants superfluous are not, then why to you two pairs of identical trousers or three sweaters? Be able not to give in on tempting " offers; they there continually. Remember that restriction of weight of freight on air transport - 70 kg.

9. On the American streets there are no pedestrians. Even behind bread in a court epicure drive cars. The person without car feels as a crab without armor. Though the public transport is. But there is nobody to ask, how to go to " library;!

10. Do not accept the well-known American smile as an arrangement sign to you. Even the absolute ban (crossed border of a private property and now dogs will be lowered) will be stated to you with a charming smile.

11. Men! Forget for a while about existence of an opposite sex, about the congenital donzhuansky genes. The address to the foreign woman, an unintentional contact in transport, admiration in eyes can have unpredictable consequences, and you will feel the libertine Bill.

12. Do not forget about political correctness in the treatment of the radical and delivered by galleys population of America - ispano - and the Afro-Americans. In any conflict situation with other things being equal they that the intermediary in resolution of conflict was not convicted of racism will be recognized as right.

It is warned - means it is armed. I hope, my councils will allow you to avoid excess shocks and to create own opinion on this such different and such absolutely other country. Make the discovery of America!.

Good luck!