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Whether it is worth burning all the boats after a gap?

What can be the relations here, time you broke up with the person? And if it with you? Apparently, especially. And all-. In life there are enough occasions and the reasons to leave the person forever owing to the developed circumstances. It and transition to other school in the childhood, and moving on a new residence or work change, and (unfortunately, nobody from it is insured) sudden death or sudden death.

The speech about the termination of those relations which did not suit you.

Passed the first shock, passions settled. How to be farther? In what direction to live?

Even after the termination of the relations nothing occurs unilaterally. Burning bridges, you consider that you get rid only from negative and bad? No, own efforts all also goes to an abyss good what thought much of. What as a result remained in soul? Ashes and emptiness. And the nature does not suffer emptiness. So it was moved that waste grounds grow with weeds quicker. Very quickly. And that worst of all, the unnecessary young growth tries to occupy all territory. That is simple to get rid of them not so-.

It is time to take experience: to turn a black strip into white. How to turn negative experience into positive, is told and written much including in To School of Life . Everything depends on degree of self-confidence. Think, than the relations enriched you. When they are measured for years, really only by bad? And if so, then why did not stop communicating with the person earlier. You should not forget: if it seems to you that there is no exit, then there is always a choice of how to treat the incident. And in this case the decision only for you.

Translate , at least mentally, the relations with the person in other quality. you were friends, spouses, kind colleagues - now do not want to be even acquaintances. But unless you stopped being people? There is remarkably universal concept - the neighbor. Then why not to conform to a golden rule: Treat others as you want that treated you . And it is possible to open the Bible. You non-believer? But this book is unique. Unless it is possible to deny universal values even if Christian postulates are suddenly unfamiliar to you.

Be optimistical. you swore or there was an improbable scandal? But now you know the price to the world. You dispersed. You were betrayed, God forbid. But now you know that sincerity and trust means.

Rely on time. Doctor Vremya not that helps to forget, but gives the chance to comprehend as with it to live and by that heals. Then the truth which seemed immutable today will appear in other light tomorrow.

Thoughts are material. So often should be heard about it. In what their material embodiment? In my opinion, first of all they are reflected, embodied, materialize in appearance of the person. Whether you noticed how the look changes, gestures, gait depending on mood? No, not at others Whether always we realize what happens to us? Whether and if yes, that is more clear acts and rushes of others? When at first there is a wish to get rid of a mote in own eye whether not from here wisdom and a spiritual maturity begins?

To you he is familiar what is dirt, and there is a wish for purity. You were accused of a sin, and there is a wish to be if not innocent then the witness. I like Sri Radzhnesh`s words: You heard that sinners go to hell, - but it not so. Where the sinner got, he creates hell; and where the Saint - there heaven " got;.

Let`s create the world and harmony in soul.