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In what secrets of masters neyl - design? All ladies love

when their hands are decorated by refined manicure. But not all know about those small secrets which do nails ideal...

of French

of French - the most popular type of design, and already the third decade. And the " firm invented it; ORLY in 1975. In Hollywood shot series, and after each act of the actress changed suits. Here Hollywood also called: who will invent such manicure which would be in harmony with any dress?

French invented french which looked always a white varnish of free edge, fresh, accurate, perfect at the expense of emphasis.

It would seem, nothing difficult - a pink nail, a white border. Everyone will make! Actually correct french - a true art.

The line of a smile (an inner edge of white accent) has to display a cuticle bend accurately. As a result the pink part of a nail has the form of an ideal oval. Other options of a french are wrong.

Ideally French manicure looks on average and short nails. However, the American form - the oval pointed nails is more popular now (the sharp form is fragile - there is no support on edges, but looks elegantly). Nevertheless french remains out of fashion and out of competition.


Intricate drawings on the master`s nails as artists, draw thin brushes. It is for this purpose necessary a little - malsky talent. The color picture, a card, even a pattern of a curtain or a cloth - everything can be an inspiration source.

On nails it is possible to represent flowers, abstractions, the Chinese dragons, a miniature, a monument Bronze Horseman views of the cities, a portrait of darling or even all family - on the member on a finger.

However, there are stickers - by recognition of one of masters, just offensively when you draw three hours, and then the client is spoken: Oh, what cool stickers! .

And here the covering of nails in air brush (a spray - a spray) cannot be repeated nothing - it gives refined smooth transitions.

Aquarian design

the Aquarian design becomes on the transparent increased nails. Between layers of gel or acryle pieces of fabric, a flower, a petal, a spangle, broth (small balls), pastes, a metal foil are located. Everything that can be pushed - safely push! The pattern turns out in a nail.

The volume design allows to blossom on nails to flowers, shells or will make impression that the ladybug landed on your nail.

Nou - Hau - three-dimensional volume. This novelty in 2005 the three-time world champion on neyl - to design Trang Nguyen beat sixfold (!) ex-the world champion on neyl - to Tom Holkum`s art. So far nobody solved a secret of holograms of Nguyen.

It is possible to speak only about the general principles: in - the first, matter in materials - three-dimensional volume is created only on special materials (one brush - $100). Secondly - skill. In - the third - very high quality standard. For example, during a seminar in Moscow from 12 Russian pupils Nguyen issued the diploma only to two.

By the way, Nguyen spreads on the increased nails ideal smile a frencha for 18 minutes (usually on building not less than an hour leaves). But his schoolgirl who took the V place spread competitive smile 2 years.

17 hours a day

Once I talked to the master neyl - design, participating in the master - Nguyen`s class. It brought to the hometown with itself the mass of impressions and slightly opened secret over secrets of skill of the genius neyl a little - design:

- Time at a competition is limited therefore the master has to have unique time sense: Trang Nguyen, carrying out operations, absolutely precisely defines: There Passed three minutes, passed one and a half .

It is necessary to know nuances: as light that the fan did not stand nearby has to fall (powder will be scattered).

The choice of model with long beautiful fingers, identical top phalanxes (a big rarity) therefore Nguyen the model - a yaponochka carries Trang all over the world is important. For half a year to a competition every day do it the European manicure, in the last week - every day.

The moral spirit is very important: quite often near the master competitors put stool pigeon which constantly aches, forces down, periodically shakes a table (tables stand end-to-end to each other).

Requirements at world-class competitions high. To the champion of the requirement are especially high - therefore that judges judged impartially, leaders neyl - design - Tom Beychek (the leader of the " company; Creative ), Tom Holkum (an art - the director Iz - Flow ) - change numbers.

And, above all - it is necessary to train much. For example, Trang Nguyen and masters of a world class begin trainings at 10 in the morning and finish in three nights.

But, you see, unless such amazing result can turn out without effort?


In Europe only three plants of varnishes exist. One of them makes varnishes only for one firm, and two - for all others.