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How to spend day off, or the Forest fairy tale

Too to me, found the subject - you will think, having read heading, - Yes behind a window so much!... . Well to tell? Itself being an adherent of active recreation, I call all: Let`s carry out it actively, outdoors! .

Of course, the constant sleep debt has an effect. Hassle at work, in public transport leads to the fact that there is a wish to sit houses, to see nobody and not to hear. The sofa becomes attractive, and the TV screen such attracting. And weather behind a window somehow not really... And nevertheless, get accustomed: on the street young bright greens were already replaced darkly - green. Only yesterday it is bright - yellow heads of dandelions already turned white today. Fathers! We risk to be late. Behind different affairs, behind city bustle we can be late for the whole summer!

Listen to me, all - let`s go to the country. At least for one day. It is at least simple to look, observe. It is necessary to choose on what transport we will go there. By an electric train, by bus, on a minibus? Again vanity, a crush, the mood spoiled since morning a bit earlier. No, it is cancelled. Yes here at least by bicycle. Really, how did not come to our mind at once? This most civilized, environmentally friendly vehicle! Especially for rest!

Now it is necessary to choose, where to us to go? Well - let`s think. There can be near us a park or forest area. We can lucky, and nearby there is some reservoir. Well, for example, small river. Then, of course, on the small river! Favourite place of summer holiday of citizens. The beach with a grass on a meadow, for certain, each of us knows it remarkable place!

We note time - ten o`clock in the morning. Let`s roll! Full delight from the first meters! Sun! Speed! Road! Yes, it is expensive... Well really some ruts and holes, the asphalt which is washed away during the winter and spring so just are capable to spoil to us mood? It is just necessary to be quieter, more attentive. Passable on city sights: to viaducts and bridges, we will admire creations of hands of people. On the most dangerous sites we will help bicycles manually crossing the road. There now, a little more, we turn from the main route and at last in the wood!

After asphalt, reinforced concrete of bridges, dust and a scorching heat of the highway the wood from the first meters seems paradise. Its air, spirit shrouds, refreshes, calms, treats. The Smell of last year`s needles mixes up with a smell of young foliage. Some bird chirps. The sunlight which got confused in crowns, it does not seem such burning and scorching as on the bridge. We inhale a full breast, we relax. No, all - walk, the   bicycle; - it is healthy!

Slowly, enjoying walk, we twist pedals. Around bright new greens. And already anything: the various packings scattered around, packages and bags, bottles and small bottles, which come across to us throughout a way, cannot spoil to us mood. It dread to think, all this will lie in an integrity of years hundred or two hundred, and maybe it is more...

But, not much time passed, and we already and on the place. Here it, our remarkable small river! She already almost recovered from a spring high water. It is still fast, deep and cool. Only which - where on a meadow in low places there were not deep reservoirs with warm water. Little young frogs jump in different directions from our legs, whitebaits, on the contrary, are flown by flocks to our legs. The seagull, the real seagull, turns over us, And highly in the sky soars, having spread wings, a big bird. Hawk? And the falcon can? My God, we already also forgot that such there are birds, forgot that there is such scope and grace! Blue dome from which soft light, the sun which is covered continually with easy cloudlets, fine brightly green grass carpet with white, yellow, blue flowers streams. Efficiently hooting, working bees and bumblebees, the flitting butterflies, dragonflies, ants and bugs, something serious and important occupied in a grass - everything lives life, works, everything hides secrets and miracles.

We bathed in cool water. Rolled in a grass, with gratitude substituting the sun the different parts of a body which turned pale during the winter. Watched a current of water, no, there is a wish to tell more loftily - beheld the river. Eyes, ears, a nose, every time absorbed, were filled and dissolved. Felt as each cage the unity with this nature, with this magnificence. Somewhere problems receded. Even the most persuasive of them began to seem vanity. All city life with its concrete, iron and gasoline was removed for a wood edge. And pines, harmonous and tightened, appear, guarded our rest till the evening. Yet time to gather back did not come.

We came back by an electric train. Good everything - a vehicle the bicycle! Quietly finds room in the platform of an electric train. Before departure collected bottles, banks and packages, how many could carry away. There was a strong wish though something useful to make in acknowledgement of the fairy tale.