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What we know of Stockholm? Excursion. Part I

Today, dear readers, I will be your guide during excursion to Stockholm. Give everything mentally we will get into the plane and we will be transferred to this remarkable city.

On approach to Stockholm to a look the great variety of gloomy rocks and islands, wild, grown with vegetation, and quite manned where there are cars and houses opens. Stockholm is constructed on 14 islands. These islands connect among themselves numerous bridges and underwater tunnels. Besides, to the remote islands of Sweden in the Baltic Sea passenger ferries regularly go.

Stockholm - the capital of Sweden, with population about one million. From history it is known that in 1187 on the place of the fishing settlement the city began to be under construction. The name, Stockholm, is for the first time mentioned in documents in 1252. Already by the end of the 13th century the city promptly expanded.

In 1900 Nobel`s fund - private independent, non-governmental organization with seed capital of 31 million Swedish kronur was created here. Since 1969 at the initiative of the Swedish bank also awards on economy are awarded. On traditions, a Nobel Prize the nominee is handed by the king of Sweden.

Arlanda (Arlanda) - so is called one of two airports of Stockholm, exactly here and our plane lands. In comparison with other world passenger airports, the Stockholm Arlanda rather small. From the airport it is possible to reach the downtown by bus or the high-speed train.

In the center of Stockholm heart fades with abundance of buildings, crowds of tourists, especially, if it is you from the small town and did not get used to noise and crowds. At first sight it seems that here it is very easy to get lost, but it not so. In Stockholm everything is very accurately planned, everywhere there are indexes therefore, the tourist who got to this big city should not get lost. Besides, all Swedes perfectly speak in English and, as a last resort, it is possible just to learn the direction from any passerby.

What represents the center of Stockholm? This fine combination of medieval buildings to modern. Symbolically, Stockholm can be divided into two parts. That part of Stockholm in which there are medieval buildings and the royal palace is called as Gamla stan that in translation means - the Old city. Here the long main street with a set of gift shops on both of its parties conducts. Among souvenirs the Swedish tags, cards with views of Stockholm, ware, with city monuments and clothes are very popular.

Walking on the old city, our look is struck by fine architectural complexes and magnificent monuments, and all this in a water environment. On what you to the small street would not go, it will surely lead you to one of numerous bridges.

Tourists from all over the world gather in Stockholm. Here it is often possible to hear the Russian speech - it there arrived the ferry from St. Petersburg, Japanese scurry about with cameras on a breast back and forth, they usually travel in couples, and, as a rule, already aged, the husband and the wife. The Arab women are tourists in burqas from where only eyes are visible, go with video cameras and remove sights of Stockholm, they are followed by their strict husbands and give manuals as as it is better to remove.

We leave the old city and that, long street leads us to new Stockholm. Here too there are shops, but not souvenir, but different. It both supermarkets and hypermarkets where sell everything, it and the huge toy store, a set of shops with clothes and footwear. On streets handicraftsmen in hand-made articles from a tree and skin trade. At once behind stalls of handicraftsmen - a central square of Sergels Torg.

Steps conduct to the central Stockholm metro station down. From here it is possible to leave in any of the directions of Stockholm. All three underground lines of the subway in this place are crossed. Near the subway there is a small underground tunnel with shops. Over a tunnel there is a fountain, and in a roof of a tunnel round windows on which it is noisy are made water streams beat. Behind the fountain we see a monument in honor of which this area was called. This monument serves as the place of numerous appointments.

The transport network of Stockholm is very fine organized. Having bought the usual ticket for a month, you can travel around it in the buses, trams, the subway, electric trains and even ferries transporting from one island on another. Transport in Stockholm quite expensive, but everything is adjusted amazingly. To the subway of the train arrive every minute. Buses, depending on a route, - each 5 - 10 minutes. If suddenly in the subway there was any breakage, the buses which are specially driven to an entrance to the subway which will take you to a terminal point will be right there provided to you.

So while we walked on the city, imperceptibly there passed day and the city plunged into a gloom. As Stockholm is beautiful at night! Against the black sky Stockholm is poured by multi-colored sparks. Our tourist group is brought by the bus to comfortable hotel that for the next day with new forces we continued the most fascinating excursion across Stockholm.