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How to become the witch?

For a start to you it is necessary to make out long and diligently himself in a mirror: small squint, a natural red head of hear, a big a hooked nose wart, long nails on hands and the wrinkled double chin - it is unfashionable presently. So if above-mentioned signs of magical beauty of the Middle Ages are found - better to try to get rid of them. Well, behind an exception, unless, red hair and well-groomed long nails.

So, the witch of our time has to look attractively and fascinating. As to achieve it, dear future sorcerers, you perfectly know. Beauty basis - health. And slightly - slightly magics. But it later.

For a start it is necessary to develop intuition. During a lunch break close eyes and present what is done at present by your man (or someone another), try to imagine each his movement as it is dressed, it is possible even to try to get into his thoughts. Of course, from the first you will not manage to recreate a real picture of life of darling at present, but over time, at continuous training, this practice will bring results.

When you will understand that the intuition began to work in the necessary direction, safely move ahead! Now it is possible to try to transfer short mental messages to the one whom you so long and persistently represented. You should not inspire at once in the chief that he raised to you a salary. It is not necessary to inform of thought of washing of ware darling. People can not understand from where they have such thirst for a feat and to be frightened. Begin with insignificant. For example, let will just write you the SMS or will call.

When force of mental influence will be at the level necessary to you, it is possible to learn to guess and look in the future. But mine to you council: each witch respecting herself has to know how to guess the future, but never has to use this knowledge. And all because information to which you will not be ready will surely be found. You remember, everything has to go one after another, the past to remain behind, the future - ahead. And in any way differently. Time does not love when with it joke. And here you can safely read tea leaves! All the same never plainly you will sort that there is botched.

In the Middle Ages of the witch often for cooking of a potion used Amphibia: frogs, snakes. Presently these slippery friends it is better to buy in the frozen look not to take how to be told, a sin on soul. I do not know what love potion can be welded from a snake, but from other, more appetizing products, it is possible to make a tasty dinner for two. But if you are capable to fry tasty a snake or frog legs - then act!

Further, we will be engaged in such important aspect in life of any witch as plots. Plots happen different: bewitching, otvorotny, on monetary success, from a malefice or damage, both still, and still, and still! Generally, it is possible to exorcise all and all! The main thing not to abuse. Dear future witches, I want to urge you to observe a measure in everything, especially in everyday magic again.

In general, plot can be made and most. For this purpose, by councils of the famous witches, it is impossible to eat within three days sweet and meat. Cigarettes, alcohol, parties, dances - are forbidden. Not to swear at anybody and the more so materka. To call nobody, not to humiliate, not to offend. To try to talk less: all discussions and gossips - are excluded. Thus there is an accumulation of a net energy. And after that sit down to a table, take a sheet of paper and a feather, be adjusted on what want to achieve plot (and you want good, it is unconditional) and - forward!

Remember that the low female voice, heat and sincerely saying light plot, can destroy all powers of darkness and load with positive energy your life and life of vashikhblizky!