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You want to learn a little about everyday life of the freelancer?

the crystal dream of my youth Came true: I work at home, I belong to myself and itself I dispose of the time. Now very few people you will surprise with it, and in not such far Soviet years on similar desires it was heard: Only to members of the creative unions. All the rest - nizzya! All right, we will not be about sad because there is any more neither that state, nor its exotic Constitution according to which all citizens were obliged to work forcibly.

Give about cheerful. As well as any freelancer respecting himself, I can get up when it is necessary for me. I do not shiver in the filled transport. Nobody will force me to generate enthusiasm and to observe the corporate ethics (including obligatory visit of corporate holidays). I can drink teas - kofe not in a lunch break or coffee - breaks and when it is pleasant to me. I can start music or, entertainments for the sake of, to walk on boundless open spaces of the Internet.

But also I have a chief, and a name to him - term. Not that, which wind on the zone and term of representation of ready work Yes, I did not tell about the frilansersky field yet. And it at me, perhaps, even prestigious (though I do not love it sloveso and I do not use it): translator of fiction. What? Fantasy, misters good, fantasy. Happens, the fantasy will be allowed to translate, but it happens seldom. And so - infinite wanderings of heroes on the invented worlds. The infinite wars which are dragged out on thousands of years. Instead of high technologies - magic, as rules of a genre in a fantasy very rigid: any equipment, any electronics. Even there are no firearms.

Note parents! A fantasy - a genre extremely highly moral and chaste, and these books it is possible quite to allow to read even to younger school students. I would even tell, extremely asexual genre. For example, there the meeting on an attic will lead only to the fact that the hero will take the heroine by hand, will take minute, and then they will leave on three hundred pages and five years, constantly remembering that meeting.

When I only entered on this path, it was interesting. Work carried away, covering the real world When the number of translated books was close to two tens Yes, I will not lie. There is no former enthusiasm. Often I feel like the builder who in a day needs to lay so many rows of bricks. On the street the sun shines or pours a rain, brings down snow or wind howls - building continues. You can not like a form of bricks, their size, color and so on but as heroes of a fantasy - books often speak: Keep your opinions for yourself (Confine suggestions to own bailiwick). You are a professional. Here it is pertinent to remember Don Juan from immortal books of Castaneda who spoke: It is not obligatory for hunter to love hunting. He just hunts and does it well .

And therefore, day by day, contrary to the mood, I aspire it is good to do it . The people who are not tempted in craft of a literary translation consider that the translator has to know in perfection a foreign language. This delusion! The translator owes very decently know native Russian (in its perfection hardly anyone - that knows). Only then dry, inexpressive English phrases under his fingers (now you will not tell under a feather ) will turn both the live and bright speech. Then it has kings, aristocrats, priests, military, magicians, handicraftsmen, thieves, peasants and all others will speak language of the social groups, but not in faceless, average original language to what many fantasies - novels are written.

But there is more to come. Laws of a genre do not allow to use some, words quite habitual to us as there they look alien. Again - not in English. It maintains it. And here in Russian the same that happens when the person, without being able to format the text and tables, with might and main thrashes on a probelny key turns out approximately. Reduced font size - and everything went in different directions. Here several not thought up examples (are got from the translations of those who offered the services to publishing house with which I work) Crowning became the unforgettable show Who will solve transportation problems? (conversation of leaders of two tribes) The girl was still small and therefore did not use cosmetics (the girl lived in the small small village which got lost among the woods) .

The most ridiculous that in English quite so is also written. A fresh primerchik from my current work. Conversation of two soldiers of rebellious army. One speaks to another: Think positive . Well and how? It will want to read you the translation where will stand: Think positively ?

I can be asked: if so bothered why you will not throw? Why you will not find to yourself other work? Then I will ask a counter question: what? I consider myself as the realist and I understand that my competent and quite correct Russian is necessary in few places. The mass media language it becomes more and more average - informative. Besides, rather tolerably pay me, and I really am an owner of the time.

Day is present. The hundred twentieth page of the original (from more than six hundred) Preparations are ended. The joint army of old enemies, acts as will of the circumstances which became allies in a new campaign. Now their enemy - the fanatical prophet who created the empire and declared war to all other world.

Yes, nearly forgot about an obligatory optimistical ending I will be better to shiver in a saddle together with the one-armed commander and to stick in bogs with his soldiers, I will better help the perfidious magician to spin plot, than to sit at office and to translate something it seems technologies of connection of small screws with shpuntika in the conditions of permafrost .