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How to make an exclusive photoframe as a gift?

We like to remember pleasant, important and ridiculous moments of life which we seek to imprint from what photo albums as a result gather. Of course, it is pleasant to sit and look through in the quiet evenings memorable book but some photos want to be had always on a look. It can be both your favourite little man, and a wedding photo of parents, and also amusing pets - all this from one look fills soul with positive emotions. In such cases also use a photoframe.

Endured some changes about the term of the existence of a photoframe. From a strict classical wooden frame, to metal, decorated with pastes and a various carving. More and more the exclusive and creatively issued, become part of modern interiors photoframework and photoframes become fashionable.

It is always actual to give a similar gift to yourself and to others. Let`s say a joint photo with your friend, the girlfriend, just beautiful landscape and you never know still it is possible to enclose there! And so, it is possible to make the real masterpiece all - navsy of a usual wooden frame! In the way offered by me it will always look elegantly and can be presented without additional packing!

In haberdasheries the set of multi-colored ribbons, kayemochek with an ornament and as addition it is possible to try thermopastes, beads, beads is on sale So, you buy that it were pleasant to you, but it is better not really wide though everything depends on your imagination. Length can be calculated so: to perimeter of a frame it is added, about a half - a third of its value is and will be length of the bought ribbon, for example - to steam of meters, be only not mistaken with calculation units! And that you will be able safely to wind the house! I joke.

Take out glass from the acquired frame. You can leave tails ribbons or to fix them, having pasted on PVA from a reverse side. All is wound with monophonic, pink, blue, any ribbon (on which it is possible to impose narrower, other color) or to take a little enough thin, having consistently wound a product, - there is a lot of options. If tapes slide on a smooth frame, - from a reverse side in some places to record, having dripped PVA.

Is desirable not to do a winding multilayered, glass can badly adjoin.

End of a winding:

1. By a method of initial fixing, by means of PVA.

2. To give up the tails left in the beginning a bow (by a tie method, simply in knot, having straightened the ends - it is good if there are a lot of thin ribbons) the ends of a tape on the outer (front) side of a frame. Now, at will, all this can be decorated with thermostickers and thermopastes which are attached by means of the hot iron, through damp fabric.

And on PVA it is possible to paste accurately (to fill) large / small beads or brilliant paillettes (though it is possible and to sew). What will turn out - the embodiment of female dream - the shining and sparkling frame or option with a national ornament where the uncommon band, at such application, will look is quite modern - to solve to you!

Such gift has very elegant appearance, and, above all - is exclusive! Wind with

a photoframework differently and in the pleasure!