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Why medical examination is necessary?

Medical examination - one of types of inspection of health of the population.

the medical examination Purpose - prevention of diseases, detection of predisposition to diseases (in that, number and hereditary) early diagnosis of diseases.

Especially its role in connection with the national " project increases; Health .

Medical examination creates an opportunity to find out diseases at an early stage of its development that it serves as the prerequisite of successful treatment.

Term medical examination not new. It was offered at the beginning of the 19th century and comes from French to relieve to release Originally medical examination was understood as the principle of the account and supervision over group of people with various diseases or groups of healthy people, then its sense extended.

After collapse of the USSR by medical examination nobody was engaged, and health became personal care of each person. For this period the shape of the person, his views, nature of behavior changed.

the Modern person seeks for achievement of a certain status, independence and success. And in this race it does not have time to be engaged in own health. Also our citizens see a doctor when the disease demands acceptance of emergency measures.

Today the measures for the organization of life and activity of the person in modern conditions based on strictly scientific approach are necessary taking into account that each person has physiological mechanisms of resistance to action of adverse factors from the birth.

The task - to keep health of the person in the conditions of the increasing rate of life, inevitable overloads and many other harmful factors is set for medicine. It can be reached, only controlling a condition of people in the course of usual life. So, it is necessary to go to the doctor for prevention!

At medical examination in case of identification, any disturbing, going beyond norm indicators, inspection is carried out with involvement of narrow experts and the laboratory researches

Use sanitarno - hygienic and lechebno - preventive measures creates an opportunity to apply a medical examination method at improvement of collectives and preventions of diseases at certain people.

The modern medicine reached such level when she successfully struggles with many diseases. It is always necessary to remember that a disease it is easier to warn, than to treat. Even, the diseases revealed at early stages - are curable. All of us need to expose a barrier to diseases as soon as possible - before their emergence.

Even if the person has no complaints, it is all the same necessary to check health. Preventive orientation will be able to provide progress in fight against diseases.

Choose couple of days of the holiday, for example, and spend or time for round of doctors in district clinic, or money for paid inspection in the diagnostic center - do not stint. Do not evade from medical examination to which invite departmental policlinics, pay attention to announcements of where in your area the flyuorogramm can do free of charge, vaccination.

The conscientious attitude to the health is important! Remember


Medical examination allows to strengthen health, to reveal a disease as soon as possible, to treat an illness with the greatest success.