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How to avoid temptations of advertizing?

Daily fall upon the modern person information avalanche of various announcements, offers, advertizing messages and to that similar. We we face advertizing everywhere - staying at home in front of the TV, listening to radio, on the way for work or study - everywhere where we were, we see or we hear the advertisements telling about new goods or services. And one advertizing acts on us more effectively, than another. There is a scientific point of view based on long-term researches though it is impossible to tell with confidence that it is correct. From the middle of our century specialists in advertizing grasped psychoanalysis in attempt to find more effective remedies for sale of the goods.

Event - marketing became one of the tools urged to solve this problem. It is a way of advance which is directed to construction and strengthening of image of brand by the organization of non-standard actions, or as they are called still, special events. For example, at the " festival; Klin. Advance visitors could test themselves on the surprising attraction of Sky dive giving approximately the same feelings, as parachute jump. At the exit of all participants treated with beer. Certainly, at such approach the attention of visitors does not concentrate only at a concert of the invited stars.

In other cases advertizing is based on mitigation or suppression sense of guilt, tested by consumers upon purchase some goods, for example, cigarettes, confectionery, alcoholic beverages (sense of guilt for violation of hygienic rules). " Wines; consumers of candies it was softened with the fact that small or tiled candies which can be eaten on a piece began to let out, without breaking their look. Same it was recommended by the text of the advertizing which achieved noticeable success in sale forbidden sweets.

Many foodstuff gains the hidden psychological value serving as a subject of researches.

Soups are pleasant to people for the reason that unconsciously remind of amniotic liquid in mother`s womb.

Smoking of thick cigars reproduces sucking of a thumb, smoking of the long   cigarettes; - kusaniye of nails.

of Supervision over women - customers in huge supermarkets showed that purchases are often made not according to in advance made list here, and is impulsive - under the influence of abundance of goods. The large role is played at the same time by appearance of goods, its smell, color: marinades, fruit compotes in glass jars, candies, cakes, snack make, generally, more than 90% of such pulse purchases. After researches began to resort to brighter and attractive packing. At it it was found out that most strongly hypnotize women yellow and red color (men are affected stronger by blue).

In some shops are available, along with carts for adults, also small carts for children. Children gather in them what is pleasant to them, and then, it is frequent with disputes and altercations, force mothers to pay. Sharply the shops allowing to try goods or treating with drinks increase sale. Cumulative effect of such temptations: increase in expenses of an average family at food from 23% to 30% of earnings.

In conclusion I would like to wish to you to give in to temptations of advertizing less. What will only not be thought up by advertizing agencies for distribution of this or that production! But now, whatever bright was packing whatever seductive were the goods whatever strong was the desire to acquire it, you will not give in for anything to temptation. As they say, who is warned, that is armed.