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What the general at Russia and Ethiopia?

As you think what can connect Russia and Africa? At first sight many, perhaps, will tell that nothing, but if to dig more deeply, becomes clear that it far not so.

To take at least Russian Orthodox Church and Orthodox Church of Ethiopia. On July 12, 1959 took place of an event, the confirmed and strengthened friendship bonds connecting them. The first of these events was visit by the Emperor of Ethiopia of Hayle Selassiye I of the Most Saint Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy when he was a guest of the government of the Soviet Union.

the Second event was stay in Moscow in August, 1959 of delegation of the Ethiopian Church headed by the Metropolitan Hararsky Abuna Theophilus (Teofilos).

Remembering a meeting of the Emperor of Ethiopia with the Patriarch of Moscow, it is possible to call it a holiday of Christian communication. Meeting the Emperor in the reception hall of the Patriarchy, the Patriarch Alexy assigned to it a church award of the Saint grand duke Vladimir equal to the apostles and at the same time delivered the following speech:

On behalf of our Russian Orthodox Church I welcome you, the Head and the Emperor friendly to us the people of Ethiopia. To us your wisdom and your progress in government are conducted; Your jealousy about prosperity of the people; Your filial devotion of Sacred Christian Church. For memory of visit of our Patriarchy and in attention to works and cares of your Majesty of the benefit of Sacred Church in your country we with feeling of sincere respect to you hand to your Majesty our church award of the Saint grand duke Vladimir I equal to the apostles of degree and we wish you many years, by means of God`s, in health and cheerfulness of a sincere message your people and your state to further prosperity and glory .

In turn the Emperor Hayle Selassiye assigned a tape and signs of the Ethiopian award of the Blessed Trinity to the Patriarch Alexy.

At supper the Most Saint Patriarch Alexy addressed the Emperor Hayle Selassiye I with the following welcoming speech: Your Imperial Majesty! We have special pleasure to see at ourselves and to welcome warmly in your person Glavu of ancient Ethiopia which is feeding for our country and mutually meeting the most friendly feelings from our party! by

Four years later, in 1963, formed the Organization of African Unity (OAU). On May 25 - Day of Africa - in fact, is day of the Organization of African Unity which formation it was declared in the capital of Ethiopia - Addis - Abebe.

The Soviet Union also took great interest in decolonization of the countries of Africa in 60 - e years of the XX century when on the continent one behind another the independent states appear. And it is quite natural that they followed a way of a unification in fight against overcoming of the numerous problems inherited of the colonial past. OAE could make a lot of things for protection of independence of the African people, elimination of various forms of colonial dependence, for providing the better life. The former Soviet Union which right successor is Russia promoted formation of independence of its people, giving them huge help - political, economic, financial, military and another. On the coat of arms of Mozambique the image of joint stock company - 47 still flaunts. Representatives of Russia are as a part of peacekeeping mission of the UN in Ethiopia also now, and in 2005 Russia remitted Ethiopia 1104 million debt.

Coming back to conversation on church, there is a wish to note that not so long ago on blessing of the Most Saint Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy Efiopskuyu the Orthodox Church was visited by the official delegation of the Moscow Patriarchy headed by the archbishop Lviv and Galitsky Augustine. On January 17, 2006 in the building of the Ethiopian Patriarchy in Addis - Abebe the meeting of delegation with members of the theological commission of the Ethiopian Church took place. Offers to further dialogue were developed. On the same day members of delegation were accepted by the Head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Most Saint Abuna Pavel. In welcome speech the Abuna Pavel expressed pleasure about renewal of cooperation between the Moscow Patriarchy and the Ethiopian Church and gave warm blagopozhelaniye to the Head of Russian Orthodox Church. The head of the delegation archbishop Augustine welcomed the Most Saint Abuna Pavel on behalf of the Most Saint Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy and the chairman of Department of external church relations Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill.

By the way, also the fact that one of the most outstanding poets of Russia A.S. Pushkin had the Ethiopian roots will be interesting. It admits both the Russian, and Ethiopian sides, and its image as it the poet is held in due respect in both countries. In 2002 on one of the squares Addis - the monument to Pushkin was established to Abeby and the small literary soiree where its verses were read in the Russian and Amharic languages is organized.