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How there is a character of the child? Whether

are Known by you that in the first three years of life the foundation for future character of the child is laid? It does not mean that character will not change further - it is formed and changes during all human life, but tendencies are defined already at this age. In the direction of these tendencies parents have to participate directly.

Education of the kid in the first years of life it is necessary to treat also carefully, as well as his feeding, imparting it reasonable habits and skills. If you do not bring up them at early age, then further you should re-educate the child, and it is always much more difficult to do it. Character is not given by nature - it develops at association of various properties which are formed under the influence of life and education.

At early stages of development of character the perception of positive experience of behavior is of great importance. The tutor or the parent have to create the behavior evident experience for imitation. If your child visits kindergarten, then it is necessary to consider that for it also positive experience of his peers, especially leaders matters. The choice of children on whom it is necessary to equal can be defined by public opinion of children and not coincide with the tutor`s assessment - it is worth to remember about it as feature of psychology of kids can lead to imitation not only positive examples, but also negative. Parents have to keep in a continuous communication with tutors of kindergarten or a day nursery.

Sometimes it seems to parents that so far the small child, all is allowed to him, and they miss time when reasonable habits take root. Observe kids, and you will find in their behavior of manifestation of a zoological primitive of youngs of wild animal. They at all the natural endowments require attention, special to themselves in acquisition of skills: to wash hands, to go in clean clothes, to eat, sleep and play certain time.

At the same age kids have to receive moral installations of the behavior: validly and kindly to treat adults, to learn concept of discipline, to be accustomed to share with relatives, to patronize animals and to sponsor them. At younger age the child has to obey parents implicitly, otherwise it will be difficult for you to cope with it later, and to six - eight years it can absolutely lose obedience.

It is very important to teach the child to play independently, to protect and love the toys. Tell the kid what approximately plots he can think out for game and as it is interesting to be in it the leader, giving orders to the tell-tales, launching missiles, flying by planes and helicopters, including elephants, bears, hares

do not accustom to play the kid only when there is a company. The child has to play itself if only does not lag behind in development. So he creates the own world and grows is more original, but if parents have a desire, then they can sometimes participate in game. At all occupations with children try to keep calm and not to be irritated, even when something is impossible or broke, broke. The kid has to acquire well that tears will not help that it is necessary to be accurate, economical and careful.

And how to talk to children if you make some demands? It is necessary to learn authoritative tone - it has to be when you make orders, quiet, without roughness and irritation, without pleading notes. Not anger, not shout, not entreaty, not begging, but the serious business order has to express family discipline. Neither you, nor at children should have no doubts that you have the right for such order, and each parent has to learn to give it, not to be lazy and not to evade from peacefulness motives.

Over time the order will become a usual traditional form and you learn to give it various shades: tone of the directive or irony, either council, or hint. You learn to distinguish the valid and fictitious needs of the child, and then your parental order will turn into a pleasant form of communication between you and the child. It is necessary to develop a habit to carry out the order of tutors - it at the child not only facilitates his education, but also allows to preserve nerves, to warn whims and bad acts.

Such education establishes the relations of gravity and mutual respect, and it does not contradict to be tender with the child, gentle, to play and play pranks sometimes. To raise precautionary and polite children, it is necessary to observe mutual sensitivity from first year of life and not to allow even in games of rough persistence, impolite acts and expressions. Every year requirements to development of intelligence and culture of behavior should be increased.

When forming character pay attention to a form of its manifestation. At early stages of development of character style of behavior at one kids can be defined by irascibility, impetuosity, at others - sluggishness, at the third - shyness. All excessive negative manifestations can be korrigirovat, forming ability to operate randomly the behavior at children. Character represents total manifestation of many properties of the child and is connected with his general development.

Take care also the children, be with them wise tutors and you remember: participation of parents in formation of character and intelligence of children is a basis of the parental authority.