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What do we know about Nairobi?

Kenya - one of the most picturesque countries of the African continent. Several centuries ago the city of Mombasa was its capital.

The present capital of Kenya for only one century turned from a desert bog into the prospering modern city. When here builders of the railroads reached, they suited camp under the simple name " here; Mile 327 and the local tribe Maasay (masa) called this district of Evaso Nayberi - the place of cold water. Only to the middle of 1899 from Mombasa to Nairobi paved the zhelelezny way 530 kilometers long. The camp became the village, and then the small town, by 1907 it turned into the East African capital of the British colonial Empire, and gradually became the important center of a colony and the attractive direction for travelers, hunters and adventurers from around the world.

From - for inaccessibility of materials, the built-up city reminded slums more, than future business center. Also wild animals roaming nearby still constituted danger to people. Diseases soon fell upon the city of Nairobi. The plague which fell upon them became the real test for residents. To stop distribution of an infection, burned out the whole districts of the city. When, later half a century, they were built up anew, the city began to get more business and modern outlines. From the tiny town of Nairobi mislaid in the savanna, thanks to British, turned into the large megalopolis and one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

The English influence in Nairobi is felt everywhere. Even the central square is decorated by the tower with hours which is strongly looking like London Big - Ben. Here before the building of parliament there is a tomb of the first President of Kenya Jomo Keniatta whom Kenyans idolize. Video filming is considered an insult of memory of the President and is punished under the law. Kenyans tremblingly store everything that is connected with the first President. One of the main exhibits of the National museum in Nairobi - the copy of his favourite elephant executed full-scale. The first President was so strongly attached to the pet that allocated him the separate protection which was on duty 24 hours a day. When the elephant died, the president ordered to make the copy and to establish it in the museum to

Now by Nairobi one of the biggest and interesting cities in Africa. Its population makes 1,5 million people. It is the city of contrasts where races and tribes merge and make unique character of this city. The city does not forget the history, there are museums which will tell you its most interesting moments.

From a height in 1680 meters on which Nairobi is located remarkable types of neighboring landscapes open. In clear, cloudless day, two of the most known tops of Africa are clearly visible. One of them, Mount Kenya - the highest in the country and the second for height in Africa. The second, too the mountain, the highest on the continent - Kilimanjaro, its height makes 5895 meters.

In general, Kenya is located on the equator which halves it approximately. Hugo - east part of the country is washed by the Indian Ocean, the western part is limited to the well-known Lake Victoria. Nairobi is one of the most unique cities of the African continent also because high-rise, multystoried buildings here fancifully adjoin to flora and fauna of the equatorial Africa.