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Why to study in Australia well?

Reflecting on education abroad and comparing advantages of the countries - leaders in this area, I understood that Australia is one of the most suitable places for the foreign student, that is me. There are 10 reasons for which it is worth studying in this country:

1. High quality of training at significantly lower cost in comparison with similar

the Majority of the Australian programs for quality and a demand in labor market differ in nothing from European, Canadian and American, and the cost of training in them is 10 - 20% lower. If in the USA year of training university costs an average of 11 - 20 thousand dollars, then this sum is approximately equal in Australia 7 - 15 thousand

2. The international recognition of the Australian diplomas and qualifications are open by

After obtaining the Australian diploma for a door in any country as diplomas and professional qualifications are quoted around the world that allows to feel surely in labor market for the expert.

3. The good attitude to students from other countries

will not be exaggeration to tell that Australians adore foreigners owing to the mentality and feeling of some dispassionateness from big continents . Any foreign student in student`s community is perceived as the carrier of new culture that gives the chance for enrichment of an inner world. Australia - the country of emigrants, and such big cities as Melbourne and Sydney are the most multinational.

4. Flexibility of schemes of receipt

Enrolment of students in the Australian higher education institutions and colleges occurs according to the simplified and fulfilled scheme constructed on long-term experience. The optimum scheme is considered: training in the academic English (English for Academic Purposes), then transfer to a degree course of college, and, at last, transfer to the second year of university. There are so-called preparatory offices (Foundations) for graduates of schools with good English.

5. An opportunity after completion of training to remain to work in Australia

the Australian diploma gives excellent chances of obtaining nationality, and under the law the foreigner who gained the Australian diploma has advantage before other applicants. Also for graduates there is an opportunity to train in firms and the enterprises for the profession for up to 2 years.

6. Excellent conditions of accommodation and service

Practically all universities and colleges have excellent campuses (campuses) in which there is all necessary: from the medical centers and service on employment to little shops and mail. Foreign students, and them there come to Australia every year about 150 thousand, automatically become members of the student`s unions, getting access to sports sections and additional classes.

7. The right to work during study

to the Foreign students who arrived on long programs of training is allowed to work till 20 o`clock in a week within academic year and full time during vacation. It allows to cover essential part of expenses on accommodation. As a rule, students find work in cafe, restaurants, shops and other enterprises of services industry. Usually earnings make $10-15 an hour. Important is a fact that pay foreigners for the same work as much, how many and to Australians.

8. An opportunity to see the country of unique beauty

to Get to Australia - means for many to get to other world. This country is truly unique. Here you will see also unusual animals who do not exist any more anywhere on the planet, and will visit the best ocean beaches. In Australia you can bathe and sunbathe, travel around the country, admiring landscapes unlike at each other and even to ride mountain skiing.

9. Safety

Crime rate in Australia one of the lowest in the world. The Australian laws guarantee safety of the contributions paid for training.

10. Culture and originality

the Australian society, being multinational, develops very dynamically. It comes under continuous influence Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Middle Eastern cultures, but at the same time has the primordial traditions. The Australian educational institutions first of all attract students from Hugo - East Asia, however, their popularity more and more grows in North America and Europe.

Make also you the choice!