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How to master a profession Person in cash ? The lesson 1

For many of us a question of money is problem and essential. But even the acute shortage of money, a uvyazaniye in debts seldom happen incentive to change of a situation to the best. It is not difficult to understand it: to change something, risking to lose the last trousers, just inadmissibly. Reliable tools are necessary.

For certain you are an expert of the profession. You mastered this knowledge, practiced. Person in cash - too a profession which demands special knowledge and practice. This knowledge, as well as what you received in educational institutions earlier do not belong to the category of superhuman and are not excessive to someone. So, you can master them.

Before starting a practical training, it is necessary to acquire the important rule: it is necessary to begin as in sports activities - with small loadings . If you very quickly get down to business, there is a probability to overstrain on the first occupation. It will be something it seems unsuccessful first experience and second experience can not be any more... One more important rule - is not present unnecessary muscles which it is not necessary to train , i.e. each occupation makes sense only in total with the others.

Now let`s get down to work!

Exercise No. 1. We get rid of systematic debts .

Both little parasites destroy a huge tree, and small debts undermine our spirit. A habit to borrow monthly to a salary without budging from a place to be in debt undermines moral spirit of the person. It is time to stop it. For this purpose we arrive as follows: since next month, the strong-willed effort reduced the loan size, usual for you, by 10%. You do not feel substitutions and within the next ten months completely you will get rid of systematic debts.

Along with it it is necessary to get rid of the reason of emergence of debts. For this purpose following exercise.

Exercise No. 2. We form small monetary " buffer; .

you expect a salary, and by day of its receiving all money is spent without remainder. Any contingencies during this period as a blow below the belt. We take a situation in hand. As suddenly it is impossible to be left without money, we will decide on the size of the sum which is necessary on this fire case. This sum is also the buffer urged to absorb the majority small monetary blows . The optimum size of the buffer makes 100% of your monthly operating costs. For this purpose from the next gained income we take the sum of 15 - 20% of monthly expenses, we postpone and we forget about its existence. Our purpose - within 5 - 6 months to create the small monetary buffer. You will not need to borrow money systematically any more.

These two interdependent exercises - only the first step. They will provide you to personal with financial protection . Discipline - not a sweet candy. But from now on when wind will rise, will fly small indignations elements you are quiet - steering wheel in your hands.

As you can see, it not the instant solution, not a wave of a magic wand, but believe, this time will fly by - will not notice, and achievements will instill confidence and will inspire on bigger!

The supporting factors: refusal of receiving advance payments, small consumer loans in the terms which are accurately established for themselves, conducting records with sizes of debts and plans of their repayment, planning of the budget.

These methods work exactly so much how many they are followed. Decided to make break - be ready to start everything anew: it is possible to cease to water a flower, but soon it will die and the new beautiful plant should be raised anew.