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Why to people mat? And whether truly we use it?

Each of us at least once in life pronounced obscene words. At schools and intelligent societies us abusive words learn not to use. And those who use them are considered as uncivilized people, boors.

Scientists sometimes investigate a mat subject: from where came why. Someone claims that it was brought by Tatar - Mongols. Someone disproves this thought. Someone classifies the reasons of use of a mat. But there is no unambiguous opinion.

There are many opinions, it is a lot of stories, but it is not a subject of this article.

There is one hypothesis, it has proofs a little, but nevertheless takes place. And goodness knows, it can and it is true. I will tell it, but for this purpose it is worth becoming the researcher, to begin to listen to itself and words.

In - the first, let`s become a few children and we will play linguists with the word mat . What cognate words surround it? Mat, mother, continent, uterus It is strange why for designation of dirty words it was thought up by the people of the word, close on sounding with the word mother. And still, the majority of abusive words are connected with genitals and the sexual relations. Again, designation that allows to prolong a sort costs near obscene, dirty words .

Strange, however? Language is very sensitive, and it cannot allow such ardent errors, especially if to consider that moment that language, the speech when it was created, was sacred.

Oh, one more strange phrase which is often used in the mat relations - abusive abuse occurs. Here language plays with us. The abuse to quarrel, in value to use foul language. And abuse - in value fight. Besides, strange, fight goes for life, and here on you dirty words.

What turns out, the concept of a mat lies nearby, and at times and is connected with concepts life, mother, fight.

Some culturologists and ethnographers carry the Russian mat to the ceremonial, sacral speech which is necessary at commission some or ceremonies, just connected with life. In that case the phrase " speaks; abusive abuse .

In ethnographic researches the facts when shamans or sorcerers expelled an evil ghost from the person met, using abusive abuse. And really, it is not necessary to be the shaman, it is possible to glance in our life. When the person is in a strange state, does not want to understand, will tell how speak in Russian and as fire. So look and the reason comes back.

Besides, remember concerning a mat the phrase to call by all the names . It seems strange, isn`t that so? For example, remember expression when you are taken for a ride, very long. If to tell it to the person, externally - that it does not describe that action that occurs. The person just meticulously tells something, and order him sexual, sexual action. And at the same time we consider that we called by all the names. I think ancient people who created language, saw deeper, than we. By the way, in some nationalities the mat was considered as language as fire. Fire preserves, will rescue, burns dirty. And still, was considered that at first just speak, then a mat put, and if does not help, then and the corporal abuse began. In other, presently so too happens.

Not a secret and the fact that abusive words allow to remove stress or pain. And what it, how clarification?

There is a question why then the mat is considered as dirty words? I think, there are two reasons. The first is that sacral words could not be pronounced in the world without need. And the second that ours intelligent society to be allocated and, so to receive the place in the sun, refused all terrestrial. But this opinion.

Our Bede of society it is valid that abusive words sound now everywhere. Teenagers, youth, adults do not think when they use foul language. Such feeling that people became thick-skinned and do not hear without strengthening any more. It is a pity if so.

By the way, in Russia the woman had no right to use abusive words. It was allowed only when on a game there was life.

It only opinion. Everyone can choose the hypothesis suitable it. Well already the fact that scientists and just people began to think of it and to look for answers.

Language - is very deep and sacred. Also you should not be to it superficial.