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The mobile phone - the friend or the enemy?

Presently the mobile phone - it is not simple an equipment miracle, and the most real social phenomenon any more. Today in the world there are about 1,5 billion mobile phones which are in use. In many countries the population it is mobilized to the teeth. More than in 20 countries of mobile phones it is already more, than stationary. It and is unsurprising, for many the mobile phone is a useful means in communication and business, but for some employees it is rather not the friend, but the enemy arresting them to work.

For some experts - it is just a scourge, they constantly feel discomfort from thought that the call will at any time be distributed and they should answer it where they would not be. To avoid it, in some countries materials are specially developed for construction of restaurants, theaters and other public buildings which would block signals of mobile phones. There was even a special term - culture of interruption .

The modern mobile phone is stuffed with various programs which are built in by MP - players, scanners, dictophones and cameras. Both various additional accessories and services are offered (free hands, the Internet, high-speed data transmission and dr). The terminal by means of infrared port or Bluetooth can be connected to the personal computer and to use as the modem or the fax.

Now in some countries mobile phones are more than at a half of the population. And annual profits on sales of mobile phones and communication services bring to producers and the telecommunication companies around the world milliard profits so for these companies the mobile phone is dear friend.

In recent years it is also paid much attention and culture of use of mobile communication. More than 2 - x years back the European operator Vodafone for the first time included the section " in reference books of subscribers; Communication etiquette and the Japanese NTT DoCoMo founded the first-ever institute on studying of influence of mobile technologies on society. In 2005 the Department of Education of South Korea initiated introduction in the curriculum a course on communication etiquette by means of the cell phone for school students of elementary grades. In Ukraine, decided not to lag behind world tendencies too and now at movie theaters and theaters of the country began to broadcast video - and audiovideos about need to transfer the mobile phones to the " mode; without sound .

In Russia similar steps were initiated by one of the largest mobile operators of JSC VimpelCom (" trademark; Beeline ) having carried out in November, 2005 in St. Petersburg a round table on the subject Mobile etiquette .

Mobile communication not only importunately interferes in our life, but, in certain situations, can pose even threat of life. It is well-known that use of the mobile phone is driving not less dangerous, than drunk driving. But, despite obvious danger, some drivers still ignore this fact. In the Australian magazine Bulletin for example, it is about it reported: Despite dangers and penalties, every fifth driver in Australia, according to recent research, during driving printed the SMS - messages, and every third called or received calls . Similar, unfortunately, happens also on the Ukrainian and Russian roads.

Even from the very beginning of emergence of mobile communication among physicians and other experts there are discussions whether the radiation of cell phones and transmitting stations causes cancer and other diseases. Therefore in many countries various scientific researches of impact of radiation of mobile phones on a living tissue were conducted. For example, after long researches by independent expert group on mobile phones (IEOMP) the report in which it is told was issued:

On the basis of data available now the expert group came to a conclusion that the population, generally, does not need to worry concerning use of " mobile phones;. Also in the " magazine; To the Nye scientist it was reported: Despite extended horror stories generally everything says that the radiation of mobile phones does not make adverse effect on health. During some researches some influence was revealed, but it is not so simple to repeat these experiments .

But, nevertheless, millions of dollars continue to go for all new researches. For now there are no final conclusions and concrete data on any precedents, experts make streamline recommendations: As far as possible, reduce time of talk by the mobile phone. Use phones with a low specific power of absorption (SAR). Use a telephone font and other devices which reduce absorption power (from the instruction for use of the mobile phone).

Physicians also recommends to parents to limit children and teenagers till 16 years in use of " cell phones;. From - for the fact that the nervous system of children was not created yet, they are more vulnerable for unknown impacts on health .

As huge money, discussions and disputes, apparently, are never involved in this business and will not cease. In mass media absolutely opposite opinions of the same experts meet, they say that it is harmful, there is nothing terrible in it, however, with the reservation that in everything the measure is necessary. But at them - scientists and producers - the whims and we already without mobile phone, as without hands. And it just on a hand to the same producers which with the unknown growth of sales of cell phones around the world get huge profits. Mobile phones occupy a huge segment of the market of consumer electronics now - for all history of the electronic equipment on cell phones much bigger demand, than on something another is observed.

Well and if you have a canine friend, then you can to mobilize and it. The PetsMobility company developed special dog the mobile phone - PetCell which rushes on a collar. The price of PetCell makes 350 - 400 US dollars.

Its main function (except a dust puskaniye in eyes to other owners of dogs, certainly) consists in fast determination of location of an animal. It is realized by the means of global positioning (GPS, A - GPS) integrated into phone. For communication with a dog the bilateral voice communication is provided. Besides, on a collar there is a button of a call of the owner of a dog which, as envisioned by developers, the person who found the lost dog can use.

As we see, the mobile phone exerts a great influence not only on society and economy, but also on life of our pets. The same as the TV and the computer, the mobile phone can be either the useful servant, or exacting mister. And whether will become us the mobile phone the friend or the enemy, completely depends only on ourselves.