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How to make a miracle with own hands? Magic of rituals

Every day the life you face one thousand and one ritual - chains in order that it is necessary . To have breakfast, it is necessary to descend in shop, to buy products and to prepare them. Not to prepare, it is necessary to have slightly more money and the nobility where the restaurant at which make tasty breakfasts is located. Or to have the economic girlfriend who is glad you to see on a visit in the mornings. Or a magic wand, having waved which

This article - not how to keep the relations with the girlfriend, to receive a discount card of the fallen in love restaurant or to make a tasty breakfast most. This article - about that from where magic wands undertake and what else they can be replaced with.

A wave of a magic wand, click by fingers after which the desirable has to materialize by itself - the same ritual as well as all others, with one difference - in it are the place to a miracle, so, an unusual, unusual way and unexpectedly pleasant result.

If properly to understand what is ritual? It is the known sequence of actions for achievement of a definite purpose with the guaranteed result which it is unclear as - but works. Designs to grow rich for the unlimited sum, it is necessary within a month with 9 - 00 to 17 - 00 on weekdays to bring in the database dictated by a voice over a figure and to grow rich, it is necessary at midnight at the intersection to dig a fresh-caught cockroach differ only with one. You cannot explain the second way, so, do not know on what place it can misfire, unlike clear - from where - the undertaking salary.

Perhaps, in it the mechanism of action of magic and magic rituals is also hidden - you do not understand interrelation between cause and effect, actions and result; complexity of execution supports feeling of the importance, and the surroundings allows to confide, relax, be adjusted on success, and op - a pas! The result is available! The poor - grows rich, patients - recover, left, was, the husband comes back with guilty, and the neigbour unpleasant to you suddenly moves.

However, we are not going to compose the next explanation of operability of magic rituals. As an alternative to our standard actions we are going - no more, no less - to try out as the wizard, and by this right to think up some magic ritual. Our ritual has to possess three, no, even four important properties: it has to be thought up by you; ritual has to please you, and it is even better - to make laugh; he should not repeat those ways which you already know; execution of elements of ritual has to depend only on you. So, present that you only play, and in your game everything is possible, and Went!

For acceleration of movement in space and time (in case you are late for an important meeting), it is necessary what? Perhaps, to sing a zazyvalka we will go, we will rush off on deer in the morning early ?

A in order that in the summer you did not bite mosquitoes ? To catch the most important mosquito, to blow, spit and dip it in honey?

And now your options:

How to improve weather in the yard and in the house?

How to redirect public attention from your shortcomings on your advantages?

A quickly it is possible to grow thin with the help ?

From where to take answers to these questions? And from a lamp! Find a nice and sympathetic lamp and you ask it - he for certain will prompt you idea! Than not magic ritual?!

Finally to be fixed in a magic role, ritual, of course, needs to be executed. For this purpose any improvised materials will be useful. If something that it was supposed to involve in process is absent, near at hand - replace it with what is! For color of a fern in a moonlight night the blossoming cactus will quite descend, and mulled wine with one thousand and one seasoning can quite become a magic potion. And if ritual was too bulky performed by, you can always change it. And, of course, it will work, you are the most important wizard, you did not forget about it yet?

If all of you still doubt own abilities, things are easy - to try. Otherwise as you still learn about the ability to work wonders?