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How Sylvester Stallone achieved the dream, despite failures and failures?

Ya I will tell you to a story of the person who contrary to failures and failures achieved the dream and achieved fantastic success!

it is known by the whole world! I am sure that many children want to be similar to it. He is invincible Rocca! Yes, it is Sylvester Stallone.

All know that it is rich and successful. But very few people know through what sufferings and obstacles it came to the glory, to the world recognition.

Sylvester Stallone was born on July 6, 1946 in New - York in a family of the Italian emigrant. In the course of childbirth at Stallone the nervous terminations of the person - part of a cheek, lips and language were partially damaged and remained paralyzed. Therefore in the childhood of Slay badly spoke, and eyes at it opened only half. However, the muffled speech and big sad eyes became further the business card of Stallone.

It is impossible to call Sylvester`s childhood happy: at school children constantly laughed at his appearance. Besides then one comic series in which the main character - a bird was called Sylvester were very popular. Schoolmates teased it what Slay answered with fists.

Directors expelled him from schools from - for constant fights, considering as his difficult child. Thus, by 15 years Slay was expelled from 14 schools and, at last - graduated from private school - a boarding school for difficult teenagers, having given vent to the aggression in sport.

And when Slay entered on office of the drama the Miami University, after the first occupations teachers unanimously declared to it that it is absolutely dull. It discouraged him He so dreamed to become an actor!

After this Stallone decided to try the hand in dramatic art. He wrote the play for student`s theater. But it turned out a complete fiasco Then nobody could even assume that this guy will once write the scenario for the movie which will find a world fame, will receive Oscar for the best movie and direction and it will become the Hollywood star. At that time nobody saw in it neither the actor, nor the screenwriter.

For five years Stallone vainly tried to break through in show - business. He scripted, but to him they were returned. Went to tests, but said to it that it does not approach.

I that though somehow to make ends meet, it went to work as the cleaner in a zoo... He cleaned cages, but at the same time believed that he will become an actor.

Then got a job the ticket collector in movie theater, then a detective in shop and even was the person - the poster eulogizing pizza advantages.

Many, having passed through it, already davny - long ago refused the in any way not carrying out dream. But, only not Stallone! to

Once Slaya had only 105 dollars, his first wife Sasha was pregnant; he had nothing to pay for the apartment. But he did not lose courage. In three days he wrote the script for the movie Rocca . The movie was shot in a month on the scanty budget, and brought 225 million dollars in world hire and received 2 Oscar . Only then to Stallone the stunning success came!

And as long and persistently it went to it! And Life rewarded it for persistence and endurance!

But private life of Slaya somehow it did not develop b. He got divorced from wife, married the Dutch model whom he divorced later too. However, in 1989 he got acquainted with the model Jennifer Fleyvin. Now they together with the children live in Los - Andzheles. Jennifer gave rise to Slayu of three remarkable girls!

Besides, Slay opened in himself abilities of the businessman - he is one of co-owners of a network of " restaurants; Planet Hollywood (together with Arnold Shvartsnegger, Robert De Niro and Bruce Willis).

And once schoolmates sneered at it. He was expelled from schools. It had disgusting estimates in the certificate. It called dull. Its play turned out a complete fiasco. Refused to it on listenings. Its scenarios returned...

But it overcame these strokes of bad luck, year after year showing persistence and persistence, and became that whom dreamed, reached what so strongly wanted!

A you? Think of yourself now